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Adventures in Video | Sherwood Park + Edmonton Videography

One year ago I began tinkering with that ever so handy video function on my camera. It started with a 30 day project, which lead into countless hours of footage of our simple life being filmed on a daily basis, and then I decided that I think I can take this to the next level and put it into our wedding photography. Thus, my love of video and the emotion it captures forever, was re-born.

I have ALWAYS loved video, from the dated projects with the my parents old honker of a camera, to simple shorts (which you can find more of on our Vimeo) I remembered why I loved this art form so much. So, now it’s time to share!

If you have the time, below is Sara + Jon’s May the Fourth wedding slideshow. If you are one of our couples, you know you have the joy of being able to watch your photos in our home for the first time, with your closest friends, family, new husband and wife, and us of course all together. We surprised them with a little bit of video in theirs too.

Sara + Jon Wedding Day

This ignited a fire in me that was unstoppable. And so, Jesse + Cindy were my first full day wedding, with only video to play with.

Jesse Cindy Wedding from Eee and Bee Driedger on Vimeo.

And I haven’t stopped there. This passion for video immeditatley went to crazy new heights and honestly, it is terrifying!

This past year I took on 2 full day weddings, promo work, and even a commercial (yiikes!) and continual personal work. It has added something to possibly take our business to a whole new level, so who knows where it will go from here.

For now, I hope you stay tuned for the videos I worked on this summer.

Let me know what you think in the comments or by shooting me a message! I have been putting off putting myself out there for so long. But, here it is! It’s all out on the line now, and we are very excited! The possibilities seem endless with what I want to do with this new endevour and I’d love to know what you think.

You can check out my Films by Eee (That’s what I’m calling myself now I guess!) Facebook page or as always if you are looking for your own Edmonton or Sherwood Park Wedding Videography, drop us a line to say hi! We’d love to hear from you!


Catheryne + Guy | Sherwood Park Wedding Photography

It’s always such an honor to photograph the weddings of those you feel like you’ve known forever. Catheryne and I went to high school for a short time together and have participated in church ministries together since then too. When she asked us to be a part of their day I was touched and what a fabulous day it was.

It’s not often we get to photograph a wedding at our home parish either, in fact this was our first time. So getting to stay in Sherwood Park all day caused much excitement before heading out the door. The Senez house was a buzz upon arrival with laughing ladies and hearty sandwiches ready to be eaten. A perfect start! And even though the rain sprinkled a little at the beginning of the day, it really couldn’t have been more gorgeous outside. Beautiful canola fields and playgrounds to play in. I can’t even get over how much this day was!

Catheryne and Guy opted for one our favorite parts of wedding days, a first look. This great start to a fun and relaxing day. They greeted their guests as they came into the ceremony, a unique experience Bee and I did as well. Their ceremony was touching, the love in their eyes was beyond belief and the day was absolutely wonderful. Top it all off with AMAZING dancing at the reception, we were so happy to be a part of this day.

We wish you lots of love in the future you two, congrats!


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Alexandria + Evan | Edmonton Wedding Photography

Sometimes June and July can have the most terrible weather. But we are always happy when the skies clear in June, because that means summer is coming and Alex and Evan got a beautiful day out of it too!

This is the first time we got to experience a Ukrainian ceremony and what a treat!! The colours of the altar, songs in praise of God and the couple, and the beautiful traditions throughout made this day truly memorable for us. It’s often hard to choose a favorite part of the day (that’s right we have favorite parts of your day too) but I have one from theirs for sure. After their beautiful ceremony and pronouncing them husband and wife, the priest had Alex and Evan turn to each other, stand face to face, hand in hand, and spoke to them about the wonders and hardships that marriage will bring to them, and may this moment serve as a reminder of their love for one another to overcome and stand by each other in everything. Of course, I was silently sniffling behind my camera as they smiled hugely at each other and it was the most beautiful moment to capture and be part of.

The rest of their day was spent laughing endlessly with their amazing bridal party, gazing at the stunning decor, and listening to touching speeches about this sweet couple. And to top it all off a personalized song at the end of the night. Amazing!

We were so happy to be a part of this day. Congrats you two.


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-Eee + Bee