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Alexandria + Evan | Edmonton Wedding Photography

Sometimes June and July can have the most terrible weather. But we are always happy when the skies clear in June, because that means summer is coming and Alex and Evan got a beautiful day out of it too!

This is the first time we got to experience a Ukrainian ceremony and what a treat!! The colours of the altar, songs in praise of God and the couple, and the beautiful traditions throughout made this day truly memorable for us. It’s often hard to choose a favorite part of the day (that’s right we have favorite parts of your day too) but I have one from theirs for sure. After their beautiful ceremony and pronouncing them husband and wife, the priest had Alex and Evan turn to each other, stand face to face, hand in hand, and spoke to them about the wonders and hardships that marriage will bring to them, and may this moment serve as a reminder of their love for one another to overcome and stand by each other in everything. Of course, I was silently sniffling behind my camera as they smiled hugely at each other and it was the most beautiful moment to capture and be part of.

The rest of their day was spent laughing endlessly with their amazing bridal party, gazing at the stunning decor, and listening to touching speeches about this sweet couple. And to top it all off a personalized song at the end of the night. Amazing!

We were so happy to be a part of this day. Congrats you two.


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-Eee + Bee

100 Happy Days Project | Sherwood Park Photographers

Floating around the interwebs was the tag #100happydays it was all over people’s instagram photos and I was so intrigued by it as I always love to try a good photo challenge.

Upon looking it up I found out it was an actual photo challenge for which you could sign up for! (http://100happydays.com/) and I became incredibly terrified by the accountability and statistics of this challenge. But, we all need to find some happy in our lives right? So on February 13th, I decided I was going to pursue this and NOT fail. I’m now just about 60 days in and haven’t missed a day. I’ve also realized that some days there is an incredible amount of happy in my life (wanting to post two or three, sometimes even four pictures, but I had already posted for that day) and some days it seems like there is none, but if you search really hard you can always find some happy.

I’m learning a lot about our life and what makes me happy, and I’m so happy to share some of that with you. Here’s the past two months of my 100 happy days challenge, follow me on instagram for the rest. Maybe even sign up yourself? Let me know in the comments if you do, I want to follow yours too!





Karen + Robin Wedding Day | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Grey and yellow… and comic book decor!!! OMG we loved this wedding! Words cannot describe how jealous we were of their insane DIY talents. But enough gushing, onto the story of their November day…

Karen and Robin had their day all picked out and ready for either a very brown or very winter wedding. But they couldn’t have picked a better date, because winter came in full force to Edmonton that day.

The snowy picturesque scene that surrounded the city as they got married in front of a small group of friends and family at the Petroleum Club was perfection! Their day was full of DIY details and of course, Bee’s fave the boys were all dressed in bow ties! The lovely ladies sported individualize floor length gowns, and Karen was beautiful in her perfect dress. (It was to die for and her beauty that day was absolutely timeless, my favorite part was the gold shrug for the party later on!)

Although it was a little chilly for us all out there, the day was so relaxed and these two were so excited. The gals even shed their coats for a few wintery photos. Their day was so full of love and happiness, and each detail was perfection! Take a peek at their pretty November day…