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Adrienne & Steve Engagement – Edmonton Wedding Photographers

By now you must realize how much we love couples! Everything about them is so fantastic and each couple is so different. I always feel so lucky when we get to photograph each and every one of them for their engagements.

Adrienne and Steve were no exception to our great love of couples, we especially love couples with fantastic smiles! From the moment we met these two we were all laughing, smiling, and having a great time. Adrienne and Steve have the most amazing smiles too, as Bee went through the pictures after their session all he could say was “Look at those smiles!” Almost every picture is of them having a blast and smiling as though it was their wedding day, I imagine they spend every day like this and it was beautiful to see a couple who can make each other laugh and smile with just a few words, we barely even had to help them out!

Adrienne and Steve got engaged in late August on Adrienne’s birthday. Steve was to pick Adrienne up for dinner after but was a little late. He made up for it by bringing home a fantastic cake from our friends at Whimsical Cakes shaped like a gift box. She didn’t expect a thing for her birthday and was a little nervous that Steve had something planned to jump out at her from inside the cake as a gift. Before they left for dinner Steve insisted she open her gift, the cake! Now she was really nervous that something was going to jump out at her from the top tier. As she opened the top  of the cake, there sat a beautiful ring and as we girls all know rings can only mean one thing, Adrienne was in shock and finally Steve asked her to marry him, she of course, caught her breath and said ‘yes.’

Adrienne and Steve are going to have a beautiful wedding at the University of Alberta in October, so we thought it would be fitting to do their engagement photos in an area they love to spend time in and will be getting married at. We can’t get enough of couples and their love, so here are Adrienne and Steve.


Maeleen & Aaron Engaged — Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Maeleen and Aaron were such a treat. This gorgeous couple was such a breeze to photograph. We didn’t have to tell them twice to be totally and completely involved in each other, they just were. It was fantastic! They were so excited to get some Autumn photos done that Maeleen emailed us only a few days after being engaged! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as fall is slowly leaving us this was one of the last weekends with beautiful colours. A beautiful couple, beautiful light and colours, and beautiful weather, a photographers dream. We headed down to the U of A campus, a favorite spot of ours and made use of the lovely trees and gorgeous buildings.

We are so excited for you both, here are some of our favorite photos from the session…





















We’re so excited for your wedding next year in Rocky Mountain House. Congrats Maeleen and Aaron!

Alycia & Andrew Engaged — Edmonton Engagement Photographers

What a fun engagement session this was! It included everything from beautiful autumn light and laughter, to a homeless person creeping up on us! Alycia is a dear friend of mine from high school, we were a group of three friends, which after this upcoming year, we will all be married! It’s such an exciting time for both Alycia and Andrew and we are so excited for them!

Alycia and Andrew are both chefs at the same restaurant (an extremely delicious one I might add!), ironically enough Alycia just happens to be marrying her own boss although she assures us this wasn’t the case when they started dating three years ago.

Their engagement is right out of a movie! (Even down to the hilarious shenanigans of Andrew trying to hide from and not bump into Alycia in the Bellagio before hand) She was completely unaware and as they told it all I could do was tear up a little and let out an “aww, that’s so cute!” Alycia was down in Vegas for the weekend with some girls doing the usual Vegas things. As she waited for another co-worker to meet up with in front of the Bellagio hotel fountains, there was Andrew, dressed up and waiting for her. Good thing for Andrew, she still hadn’t caught on to this romantic scheme, but just kept wondering why he was there, dressed up… with a ring box? As Andrew confessed his love to her in front of one of the city they are to be wed in, he got down on one knee, opened up the ring box, and of course uttered the words “Will you marry me?” Now, Alycia doesn’t recall saying yes (as most of us do ie: myself) but as soon as she had accepted and Andrew stood up the song that was playing over the courtyard ended and the Bellagio fountains went off to finish off such a romantic evening for them.

Doesn’t that just sound beautiful? They are going to have a fabulous wedding in Vegas. We are so excited to be sharing in all their special moments up to that day, now after a story like that pictures are a must, and with the week we’ve been having here we couldn’t wait to get out with them! And we are so excited to get down to Vegas to do some more!











Such models, aren’t they just incredibly cute though? We loved when they got into it!


We always love to do a little bit of urban and a little bit of natural photos!