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Brett + Claudia Wedding Day Video | Edmonton Wedding Videographer

Last year I posted about my Adventures into Video and you may have seen a few videos floating around our Eee and Bee blog and page. Well, we’re into a full swing wedding season here with not just photos!! This year I welcomed 3 lovely couples into my video side of our business and I have to say I’m quite liking this little endeavour.

To kick off the wedding season, it began with a video. Super nervous and 6 months pregnant I headed out on my own to be a part of Claudia and Brett’s big day. And what an awesome day it was!

Brett + Claudia are two of the nicest people you’ll come across and their day was so stunning. We began at the Matrix Hotel and eventually made our way to the gorgeous Art Gallery of Alberta for a perfect ceremony, complete with their own super sweet vows. And a Batman themed reception. Picture the chicest Batman theme ever full of old school blue’s and yellows. Omigosh I couldn’t stop bragging to Bee how awesome this theme was, only to find out how completely in love with all things Batman Claudia is, it made it so perfect.

Enjoy this super day through Brett + Claudia’s highlight.


Leanne + Cody | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Well, as terrible as this is going to sound, Leanne and Cody were actually not just married this year. They will be celebrating their one year anniversary and I’m just getting around to writing this post. Time slipped away in 2013, what with Christmas, family time, and just plain laziness. And before I knew it… I did NOT want to be reminding us about winter in the middle of summer.

So, one year later, here we are. Remembering their gorgeous winter day and, oh hey, I make an appearance in these photos too. Leanne and I are best of friends, musically linked from University and share in all things teacher related day in and day out. So when they asked me to join in their wedding party and capture their day, how could we say no. Really I did no capturing in photos but the Bee did a stunning job on getting us all looking swell throughout their -25 winter wedding.

We laughed, we cried… I cried a lot more than Leanne and Cody that’s for sure. And the winter light faded away as we all celebrated their love with an evening ceremony and warm reception.

I know that these two have enjoyed a full and loving year together and we wish you the happiest of anniversaries!

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A big thanks to Erin Walker that day too, a photographer and dear friend, since I was clearly not photographing that day, she came out to support the Bee. Thanks Erin!


-Eee and Bee

Francine + Edward Wedding Day | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

we lucked out with a great summer this year, which meant awesome things for our lovely couples! Francine and Edwards perfectly pink day was so much fun and so relaxing. this wedding was planned perfectly (of course with a fellow teacher friend, how could it not go off without a hitch!) although we could have done without those pesky mosquitoes. But without too many bites, we had a great time photographing these two in St. Albert all day long.

Take a peek into their brightly coloured day back in august.

edmonton wedding photography 1

edmonton wedding photography 3

edmonton wedding photography 4

edmonton wedding photography 5

edmonton wedding photography 6

edmonton wedding photography 7

edmonton wedding photography 8

edmonton wedding photography 9

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edmonton wedding photography 25 (2)


-Eee and Bee