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Paula + Mark — Edmonton Engagement Photographers

Love is still in the air! At least for a few more weeks until our wintery sessions begin here in Edmonton.

What to say about these two cute people? Maybe talk about how much fun they are, how much they had us laughing throughout this whole summery morning, or maybe something random like Mark there, he’s a Beekeeper… (SO COOL!)

The reason we love engagement sessions so much is because for just a little while before the wedding day we get to see a couple interact and have a blast. Mark and Paula have been together for ten years! And their love is incredibly amazing, whether it was little in between kisses on the forehead or having us all in an uproar of laughter for the majority of our time together it was clear that these two are about to married and will spend a long life making each other smile.

Enough talking about the smiles, here are some of our favourites.

Ahhh, so cute! We can’t wait to head down to Lethbridge next week for their Thanksgiving weekend wedding!

Christine + Chad — St. Albert Wedding Photographers

Christine and Chad were such a lovely couple to hang out with and be a part of their day. This was probably the most relaxed wedding day we’ve ever been to and it was fantastic. Rain and wind? Who cares! Late officiant? Doesn’t matter, they were just ready to get married and enjoy time with their friends and family celebrating their love. Perfect!┬áIt’s always nice to be part of a day where the bride turns to you and says “All that matters is that Chad and I are married now.” Double perfect!

They did such a fantastic job with the hall out in St. Albert with their woodsy, rustic theme. I loved it! I also swear they could be models, they were super amazing to photograph! Their big day was such a fantastic thing to be a part of, we couldn’t stop smiling all day. Thanks Christine and Chad for allowing us to be there, now to enjoy some photos.

Brand New — Eee + Bee Updates

We have some very fun news to share with you all! Last week we launched a spiffy new website and if you want to see it for yourself we think you should head over there right now! www.eeeandbee.com

We have been working all summer and thinking hard about how to make our site more streamlined, clean looking, and easy to use. It can get really frustrating trying to find a Contact Us page or just trying to find whatever it is you are actually looking for. So, we hope we’ve solved that problem on our own site!

Now when you find www.eeeandbee.com you land right on our site, no more having to choose the portfolio over the blog we know you will come to both! There are four easy to find pages at the top depending on what you want to view first (and we really want you to view the Meet Us page, because it’s more then a little fun even if you know us already! Plus it’s our favorite part of the site!) Then we added a fun photo of us that you get to see right away, so if you’ve never met us now at least you know what we look like! You may have noticed this on the blog header too, you’re going to see it all over the place along with our photography mantra is still there too!

We are really excited and happy for the new weddings for next year, fall family sessions this year, and whatever is to come for Eee and Bee. We hope you enjoy our site and as always, let us know what you think of the new improvements we’ve made in the comments! (Because comments make us smile so much!)

Happy Monday!