Jessie&Tim — Edmonton Engagement Photography

Another exciting photo shoot was tossed our way this past Easter weekend. We were very lucky to go out with Jessie and Tim down to the University area to do their engagement pictures before their upcoming wedding in June.

They were a great pair to photograph, here are a few of our favorites.

Miranda&Joe — Edmonton Maternity Photography

We had the lovely opportunity to shoot our very first maternity photos! Thank you to Miranda and Joe who kindly let us into their home to follow them around for a few hours this past Friday to capture a bit of the end of Miranda’s Maternity. Baby Boy is on the way in less then 3 weeks and there wasn’t a more perfect time to capture some of her last moments in her first pregnancy. Here is a few glimpses of our fun day.

Their stunning dog, Keeva, spent the day with us as well. So well behaved!



She was a glowing mother to be. Good luck Miranda&Joe with all your last minute preparations.


First Family Shoot

Over the past weekend we had the privilege to brave the cold with one of my favorite families! I’ve known this family for probably the better part of 4 years, babysitting their children and being under their guidance, as they were both my teachers for high school drama and vocal studies. They are such an adorable family, that we were so pleased they wanted to be part of our first family photo shoot! There were so many great teaser photos we couldn’t even narrow it down to just two or three, so there are ten instead.


The pictures turned out great. The day was very dreary, cold and the epitome of an Alberta winter. It made us both come home and say “Remind me honey, why don’t we live in Hawaii?” But the pure joy we got to experience on the photo shoot with everyone was so uplifting, that the 45 minutes we were out there seemed like no time at all.

There were lots of laughs, and giggles, keeping our hearts warm throughout the shoot, as the kids (and adults) discovered this amazing old wooden park, which reminded the adults of our school days, that was a fortress to discover, and keep the bite of the wind away!


Even a face full of snow couldn’t keep them from smiling, and although the cold ended the shoot, it was so much fun the whole time we were out there!

For a little while we all got to discover what it was like to run around like a kid again. Going down the same beautiful red slide, crashing into a snow bank, only to get up and hear “DAD can I do that AGAIN!”

There are so many fun moments in a family shoot that we never expected, and when we got in the car to go home, although we couldn’t feel our hands and toes, we turned to each other and said, “Wow that was a lot of fun!” Thank you Jolaine, Dustin, Sophie and Jack, you were such troopers and so much fun!