Karen + Robin Wedding Day | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Grey and yellow… and comic book decor!!! OMG we loved this wedding! Words cannot describe how jealous we were of their insane DIY talents. But enough gushing, onto the story of their November day…

Karen and Robin had their day all picked out and ready for either a very brown or very winter wedding. But they couldn’t have picked a better date, because winter came in full force to Edmonton that day.

The snowy picturesque scene that surrounded the city as they got married in front of a small group of friends and family at the Petroleum Club was perfection! Their day was full of DIY details and of course, Bee’s fave the boys were all dressed in bow ties! The lovely ladies sported individualize floor length gowns, and Karen was beautiful in her perfect dress. (It was to die for and her beauty that day was absolutely timeless, my favorite part was the gold shrug for the party later on!)

Although it was a little chilly for us all out there, the day was so relaxed and these two were so excited. The gals even shed their coats for a few wintery photos. Their day was so full of love and happiness, and each detail was perfection! Take a peek at their pretty November day…

30 Days of Gratitude | Sherwood Park + Edmonton Videography

I was always too scared to share this video, never posted about it, never made a big deal of it. This was my first official jump into video. Here’s what I wrote about, over one year ago. And how it turned out.


“Over the month of February I was inspired to take part in a very interesting and unique project. After an online workshop with the amazing Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew about using videos for your business, they challenged photographers and videographers all over the world to take part in this, I couldn’t resist. This project entailed that you bring your camera everywhere, film things EACH DAY that make you smile, and then edit this into a less then 2 minute video. I was so excited to do this as I LOVE video! (and I want to get really, really, really, good at it!)

I have always been a complainer and I think we all have those days and days in a row where life seems to be pretty uneventful, especially in the dreary winter here. This month while I played with filming each day I found a lot of things that make me smile, that I was excited about, and most of all that I was grateful for! I really became appreciative of the life I have and the people who are in it.

Projects like this don’t have to be through video. Daily photo challenges, even on your iPhone, can really make you find things in life that are truly worthwhile and fun again! So, I challenge you! Try a project like this out, its amazing for both skill improvement and general happiness!

February 2013″

30 Days of Gratitude from Eee and Bee Driedger on Vimeo.




Let's get Personal… Summer time! | Snippets from Eee and Bee

Wowee. another whole season has almost come and gone. We are finished off our 2013 season and thought we should end it off with a little personal post, to reminisce about warmer days! Our year end wrap up is just around the corner too!

Bee and I spent the summer mostly at weddings, but we had the occasional times to get out and away from our computers or fix up the house. We spent a weekend away in the mountains, part of which was spent photographing our lovely friends engagement session, check it out here! The other half was spent adventuring! We fell, well climbed, into a new love. Climbing mountains.


Here we are sitting on the peek of Ha Ling Peek in Canmore, AB. It was such a thrill to climb 2 hours all the way up and see the 600m drop below. Although it seemed we were showed up by the massive amount of joggers and mountain climbers coming down as we made our way up.

We enjoyed tons of local sights while we were there and fell in love with this tiny mountain town. I feel a condo/dream home sometime in the future!


We not only climbed mountains, we even attended a wedding! Brant’s cousin tied the knot and we were completely amiss at what to do with ourselves, it was hard to keep our hands off the camera!


Other then that we spent time with cute nephews, hung out with family, and just did general fix it things around our home. I failed at gardening and the Bee brewed a few batches of beer in our garage.


All in all it was a lovely summer. As we head into the worst of the winter months we are longing for some of those days back. The busyness of teaching and the winter cold is really setting in, but we are looking forward to even more excitement next summer as we begin to meet all our new couples for the wedding season!

Stay warm friends!