Let's get Personal… Summer time! | Snippets from Eee and Bee

Wowee. another whole season has almost come and gone. We are finished off our 2013 season and thought we should end it off with a little personal post, to reminisce about warmer days! Our year end wrap up is just around the corner too!

Bee and I spent the summer mostly at weddings, but we had the occasional times to get out and away from our computers or fix up the house. We spent a weekend away in the mountains, part of which was spent photographing our lovely friends engagement session, check it out here! The other half was spent adventuring! We fell, well climbed, into a new love. Climbing mountains.


Here we are sitting on the peek of Ha Ling Peek in Canmore, AB. It was such a thrill to climb 2 hours all the way up and see the 600m drop below. Although it seemed we were showed up by the massive amount of joggers and mountain climbers coming down as we made our way up.

We enjoyed tons of local sights while we were there and fell in love with this tiny mountain town. I feel a condo/dream home sometime in the future!


We not only climbed mountains, we even attended a wedding! Brant’s cousin tied the knot and we were completely amiss at what to do with ourselves, it was hard to keep our hands off the camera!


Other then that we spent time with cute nephews, hung out with family, and just did general fix it things around our home. I failed at gardening and the Bee brewed a few batches of beer in our garage.


All in all it was a lovely summer. As we head into the worst of the winter months we are longing for some of those days back. The busyness of teaching and the winter cold is really setting in, but we are looking forward to even more excitement next summer as we begin to meet all our new couples for the wedding season!

Stay warm friends!




Dominique + Ken Engagement | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

The beautiful fall colours and a super fun couple, what more could you ask for in an engagement session! Dominique and Ken lucked out and we were able to sneak in just on the end of those beautiful fall colours that Edmonton only offers for about a week or so. We are so excited to be a part of their wedding next summer! But for now, here are some beautiful fall photos to brighten up your winter day









Families | Sherwood Park Photographers

Every now and again we get an email or comment saying “Hey, do ya’ll shoot families” Now this is always something photographers chuckle about. As I always am tempted to reply, “Why yes we shoot families… with our cameras!” (Hardy har har) But many of our followers and lovely couples don’t actually know that “YES we do photograph family photo sessions” Every once in a while we venture out with some cute kids, glowing pregnant ladies, or families of any age (adult children are the best for a ¬†really great session) and snap some pictures for you to remember forever.

“Wait, so you do family sessions?!” Yes, yes, yes. Well, actually to be more specific I (Eee) do take care of those family sessions on my own, but I love them. They are such a different type of fun then weddings and I take on a select few every year. It’s not only a great way to stay creative, but its also really personal as I do believe in getting photos done every one to two years for ourselves, so why wouldn’t you come back to your awesome wedding photographer a few years later when you’re starting your family right? We love to capture your life and give you photos you can treasure forever more, to watch your family grow!

“Soooo, your site is all weddings… where’s the family stuff?” Right here! In this post! We’re working on adding a family/portrait portion to our site but for now, we honestly have been catching up on tv seasons and enjoying each others company to finish out the wedding season… so it may come. One day.

So for now, please enjoy some of the lovely photos from a few sessions we had this year that were never seen! And please, if you’re looking for your own Sherwood Park Photography or anywhere in the Edmonton area, please email us! I’d love to capture some memories for you!



















Winter is here, but let us know if you are looking for you own Sherwood Park Photography or Edmonton Photography session today!