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Heather + Chris Wedding Day | Edmonton Wedding Photography and Videography

This was one of the most beautiful winter weddings we got to be a part of, not only because Heather + Chris are a super fun and amazingly sweet couple, but the day was perfect! Not to terribly cold for a November day and a perfect blanket of fresh snow falling slowly all day long. It was amazing.

I know we’re a little late on this post, so it’s more like a happy anniversary post too! We photographers start to majorly hibernate in winter and often forget about blogging and Facebook, but here it is! A perfect winter day from last November filled with love, warmth, happiness, and a whole lot of snow. From the very beginning of the day we knew it would be a lot of fun, actually from the very time we met Heather + Chris we knew it would be a lot of fun! Their sweet day was so relaxed and so them, we always love a chill bridal party just ready to enjoy their day. Grey attire, our fave, and like I said a whole lotta love from everyone. It was fantastic. Not to mention perfect snow for pictures, what more could we ask for out of a winter wedding day. Take a little peek and wish a very happy first anniversary to Heather + Chris!


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And of course, check out their highlight video from this gorgeous winter day.




Happiest 1st Anniversary you two!!

-Eee + Bee



Sarah + Felix Wedding Day | Sherwood Park Wedding Photographers



Sarah and Felix are another adorable couple we had in our fantastic 2015 wedding fam this year. The excitement that surrounded this day for them to get married was amazing to be part of. These two could just not wait to be together and it was adorable.

From start to finish this relaxed and perfect Friday wedding was awesome. (Maybe we are biased, but getting married on a Friday is a fantastic idea… we did it too 5 years ago almost to the same day as Felix + Sarah’s wedding!) Their ceremony was sweet, a gorgeous sunny afternoon of wandering the U of A campus was perfect, their speeches entertaining and the DJ’s kept everyone dancing! What more could you ask for. Oh, except the that Sarah and Felix were just beaming all day and so excited to be married, well that just takes the cake. I’m pretty sure you can see the love in their eyes at all times and we love it!

Sherwood Park Wedding Photographers 1

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Sherwood Park Wedding Photographers 26


We were lucky to have our good friend Cheryl from Aeris Photography along with us that day and I was floored by this beautiful ring shot she captured for us. Sooooo amazing right? Thanks for being there for us Cheryl.

Sherwood Park Wedding Photographers 27


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Amanda + Angus Wedding Day | Sherwood Park Photographers



We are so lucky to be part of friends special days. I love knowing that there is that much trust between friends that we can be there to capture every moment perfectly. We absolutely loved being part of Amanda and Angus’ sunny July day. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony by Telford Lake in Leduc and the cuteness of this couple, well there are just no words, they were adorable all day long with their newly married selves. Even after the wedding, they were so excited to be married under an arch, and what a beautiful arch it was.

The rest of the day continued with laughs and tons of fun from their loved ones, goofy pictures by the lake and a beautiful stop at Noorish Cafe where Amanda and Angus shared their very first date (They even sat at the same table on this day and were just as smiley as the first time they met I’m sure!)

The reception was beyond fabulous, with all of Amanda’s little DIY touches (yes… she made pretty much everything and I have no idea how she did it!) and they danced the night away as a newly married couple. The best part I’d have to say, was Angus. He is such a happy guy and on their wedding day his ear to ear smile made us smile all day long too!
sherwood park wedding photography 1

sherwood park wedding photography 2

sherwood park wedding photography 3

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sherwood park wedding photography 5

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Vendor love: (We got to work with some fantastic people on this wedding day)
Wedding Planner – Rebecca High Culture Weddings and Special Events 
Florals – FaBLOOMosity 
Sweets - The Art of Cake 
Beauty – Hair Jenn Chivers Makeup Astrid Woodward Eclectica Beauty Studio 
Eats – Stir Catering