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Asher Phoenix — Edmonton Newborn Photographers

The best part of being a photographer is getting to help out your family in capturing some special moments. Asher Phoenix is our brand new nephew (with an awesome name I must say!) We got to meet him on day one and celebrate with the proud new mommy, daddy, and big brother!

One week later we were back to see the little darling again, he is so precious I wanted to take him home but I don’t think Bee or the family would have been okay with that, the other nieces and nephews won’t be able to compete with Greg and Crystal’s beautiful boys, they are just amazingly cute! We got to hear all about being a big bro from Dexter and see the grace and ease that the new parents of TWO boys handled everything.

Such a beautiful family, we can’t wait to watch the new little one grow, congrats.














Lydia — Edmonton Newborn Photographers

Oh baby Lydia, I wanted to just take you home in my camera bag. She was the smallest baby I’d ever held and so adorable.

We did Laura and Dan’s maternity session just in time, almost 2 weeks later they had beautiful baby Lydia come right along and we finally got to meet her mid-September! I love going into homes where you can just feel all the love the parents are emitting to their child and the excitement they have being new parents! It never seems important how much sleep they’ve lost, or how often their new baby sleeps (or doesn’t sleep) or when she needs a diaper change and all those fun new parenting things you get to figure out. Laura and Dan were just so happy about being new parents and you could definitely tell!

Baby Lydia came a lot earlier then expected and is incredibly tiny but they were just so happy to have her home, happy, and healthy and it was beautiful to see all the love they had for this sweet baby girl.

There is nothing we love more then LOVE, so I think these pictures speak for themselves, there was a whole lot of love for Lydia, take a look! 











Can you spot Lydia…











So adorable, thanks Laura, Dan, and Lydia for a great afternoon. Congrats on your gorgeous little one!




Madeline — Edmonton Newborn Photographers

Remember Norma & Mike, well they had a beautiful little girl at the end of August and we are so excited for them!

It’s been a week of newborn photos it seems and we sure do love it! To start off the two newborn posts we have Madeline Truus (What an amazing middle name, it’s the name of Norma’s grandmother and gives beautiful little Maddie a little bit of Dutch heritage right in her name!) Brilliant and such a lovely choice.) We were so excited to go over and see little Maddie, as she was the first newborn we’ve gotten to photograph and she was a trooper. Bee and I not being parents yet were a little nervous around her, but we quickly warmed up. (And I am pretty typical and just LOVE babies!)

We learned the power of the Nuk, and swaddling, they were like magic for our little model. And we got to be in the presence of two beautiful new parents who were enjoying every minute of it. Thank you Norma and Mike for letting us into your home, showing off your great parenting skills to us, and sharing your beautiful baby girl for a Saturday morning! We had a lot of fun, now here’s the photos…







We loved the Snoopy themed room, so creative and it was such a happy atmosphere! Great job guys!


Oh the power of swaddling. (I’ll have to remember that one!)









PS: Part of starting up a business means we have some creative license to change our minds lots right? Well, even if we can’t we did. We scratched the Eee and Bee stamp of approval on the pictures and instead developed a mini stamp to go underneath the photo which we love the most from the shoot. I bet you can guess who’s is who’s. Let us know what you think about that and about Baby Madeline!