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Every now and again we get an email or comment saying “Hey, do ya’ll shoot families” Now this is always something photographers chuckle about. As I always am tempted to reply, “Why yes we shoot families… with our cameras!” (Hardy har har) But many of our followers and lovely couples don’t actually know that “YES we do photograph family photo sessions” Every once in a while we venture out with some cute kids, glowing pregnant ladies, or families of any age (adult children are the best for a ¬†really great session) and snap some pictures for you to remember forever.

“Wait, so you do family sessions?!” Yes, yes, yes. Well, actually to be more specific I (Eee) do take care of those family sessions on my own, but I love them. They are such a different type of fun then weddings and I take on a select few every year. It’s not only a great way to stay creative, but its also really personal as I do believe in getting photos done every one to two years for ourselves, so why wouldn’t you come back to your awesome wedding photographer a few years later when you’re starting your family right? We love to capture your life and give you photos you can treasure forever more, to watch your family grow!

“Soooo, your site is all weddings… where’s the family stuff?” Right here! In this post! We’re working on adding a family/portrait portion to our site but for now, we honestly have been catching up on tv seasons and enjoying each others company to finish out the wedding season… so it may come. One day.

So for now, please enjoy some of the lovely photos from a few sessions we had this year that were never seen! And please, if you’re looking for your own Sherwood Park Photography or anywhere in the Edmonton area, please email us! I’d love to capture some memories for you!



















Winter is here, but let us know if you are looking for you own Sherwood Park Photography or Edmonton Photography session today!

Emily Megan — Sherwood Park Newborn Photographers

Our last shoot from 2011 was with a beautiful little newborn, Emily. I always love hanging out with brand new parents, this is Lisa and Chris’ newest addition to the family and their very first child and they were already parenting pros. Each set of new parents has their own tips and tricks that I can keep in my back pocket for later on and I hope my little ones love their daddy much like this little angel did.

Basking in the glow of a newborn is always a wonderful feeling, especially right after Christmas. Emily’s due date was actually Christmas day and I was to have a meeting with the mom to be a few days before hand, when I got a phone call from the dad-to-be that night saying they’re at the hospital and the meeting was unfortunately a no-go. Funny enough, that morning I woke up wondering if that exact thing would happen. So, instead of planning a session, they welcomed a healthy 7lb, 12 oz baby girl into their family, and just one day before the end of 2011 I got to meet her and now you can too…




What a gorgeous little family and a stunning Christmas present. Congrats Lisa and Chris, we wish you all the best with your adorable new little one in 2012 and beyond!


Asher Phoenix — Edmonton Newborn Photographers

The best part of being a photographer is getting to help out your family in capturing some special moments. Asher Phoenix is our brand new nephew (with an awesome name I must say!) We got to meet him on day one and celebrate with the proud new mommy, daddy, and big brother!

One week later we were back to see the little darling again, he is so precious I wanted to take him home but I don’t think Bee or the family would have been okay with that, the other nieces and nephews won’t be able to compete with Greg and Crystal’s beautiful boys, they are just amazingly cute! We got to hear all about being a big bro from Dexter and see the grace and ease that the new parents of TWO boys handled everything.

Such a beautiful family, we can’t wait to watch the new little one grow, congrats.