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I have the lovely privilege of being an older sister and it made me feel really old this year when she just decided to graduate and turn 18 all in one month! So we went out on a beautiful Saturday evening the day before her 18th birthday and captured some beautiful shots of her in her grad dress, as well as some fun senior portraits.

Looking through all her pictures made me realize how grown up she is and what a beautiful lady she has become. I was so excited to do this photo session with her and Bee even taught me some more about editing, so this session is 100% Eee which makes me super excited, as Bee is usually the one who is editing and going through all your photos. This time I got to shine a little bit and show off my sister, I am so excited to share these photos.

The best part about being a photographer is the reveal. I wish we could always be with you when you get to see your photos, we hope you share the looks on your faces through comments from now on, because we love to know what you think! Hope you enjoy the photos of my little sister Jennifer :)

Congrats on your grad Jennifer, we are so excited to watch you grow up more in the many years to come!

ABJ 2011 Graduation — Edmonton Portrait Photographers

We were so excited for this photo shoot, as it is very different from the photos we normally do. Both Eee and Bee graduated from ABJ Catholic High School and still know quite a few students there still, so we were thrilled to go out with this group of students on their grad day! They were particularly fantastic too! They were so enthusiastic about having us follow them around for the day. But who wouldn’t feel pretty awesome about having two photographers capture your grad! At one point another Grad from their class said ‘You have a photographer to follow you around!?” to which they responded, “No, we have two!”

This is a new trend in the world of photography which we would love to experience again. The photos turned out great and we were so happy to capture their ‘prom’ part of grad at the end of June.

They were dramatic and hilarious, willing to pose in any which way and even had their own ideas! It was so much fun to hang out with them all day. The weather even co-operated with us! Each time we got in the car it would pour buckets, only to stop when their limo arrived at the next location.

Check out some of our favorites from the day!







They were all just waiting around in poses, ready to be captured it was great! Thanks grads, we had a fantastic day with you and we wish you the best of luck in your upcoming years of study, travel, or whatever you may be moving onto.



Science Graduates — Edmonton Graduation Photographers

The University Convocations came to a close with a group of B.Sci graduands. I was lucky enough to photograph (sans Bee) some of them on yet another rainy Wednesday afternoon at the University of Alberta. We headed out around campus just as the sun began to shine with a group of lab partners who wanted to cherish a few more memories together. This group was a lot of fun and sure knew how to keep the laughs and smiles rolling!


Here are a few of my favorites from the day!



I love these ladies shoes, I just had to get a shot of them! Nice pop to the black gowns.


Congrats ladies! I know you were talking about very amazing and great things that are coming your way next year and I wish you the best of luck!

Congrats to all graduates of 2011 at the University of Alberta!