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Catheryne + Guy Engagement | Sherwood Park Wedding Photographers

Some of the days back in September started to feel like winter. But I would take a blustery day like Catheryne + Guy’s engagement session day over the snow/rain/whatever this is/what the heck Edmonton? Weather we’ve got now! But not to worry, even though the day was windy and mittens and scarves were required. The fall colours were just springing up and these two were so cute you can’t even tell it was quite cold!

I have known Catheryne since we were in high school, both of us are teachers and she is as sweet as can be. It seems that she has found herself an equally sweet and funny one too! They eagerly brought down their canoe from Cold Lake, and although they didn’t get far on the water they sure look like they are having fun! (I’m pretty sure other wanders at Elk Island National Park thought we were all a little crazy, but it made for such fun photos!) These two like to hike, canoe and explore the world together. So it was fantastic to incorporate this into the session.

We sought refuge from the wind in the beautiful fall looking trees and even ended off the day viewing some bison in the appropriately named Bison Loop, sadly none arose from the brush during the session for some spic photo bombing. But I think we were all okay with that!

Please enjoy some of their cuteness below! And leave some love in the comments!












Karen + Robin Engagement Session | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Holy smokes, we have the cutest couples. Yea I said it, we DO! Here are another two lovebirds who are tying the knot this November. And we can’t wait.

The session was perfect, the heat of the day calmed down to a beautiful 25 degrees, perfect for wandering around the University. And these two had cuteness and quiet giggles in tow, making for awesome photos! (Karen says its because of Robin’s beardy awesomeness… we would have to agree and add in that she is cute as a button and has a gorgeous smile!) We can’t get over the cute love, so why don’t you check it out for yourselves!

It got late and we headed to one of our favorite look-outs of the city, you’ll see that the images above are a little different then usual. We like to try new things every once in a while and a little flash doesn’t hurt, we like to think we are a dynamic duo and those two still look too stunning.

Melanie + Memphis Engagement Session | Sherwood Park Wedding Photographers

we certainly are lucky to have warm days and cute couples in Edmonton. These two absolutely love their yearly visit to Fort Edmonton Park, so this year they decided to take us along too! A quiet, 25 degree morning was more then we could ask for, add in Melanie + Memphis and it made for a perfect morning. There was a little line upon arriving to the park, but it seemed like we had every spot we wanted to ourselves! Including right up by the Fort! (A fave of mine!)

these two have been away from their humble home of Edmonton and area for about a year, we were quite excited to meet up with them again.

they are getting married this saturday! And we couldn’t help but post a little bit from their engagement session before then.


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