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Stephanie + Mike | Sherwood Park Engagement Photographers

Spending time photographing couples is probably our favorite thing to do… actually no, it IS our favorite thing to do when it comes to photography! Engagement sessions are so chill and relaxing, we hope that everyone has fun because we sure do!

Stephanie and I work together as teachers, for a year now I’ve gushed over her plans, her ring, and wondered when I’d get to meet her man. (We all have around the staff table actually!) We were so honored when they asked us to be part of their day, my excitement has been through the roof. She is such a great colleague and friend, we survived our first year of teaching together and now I get to capture those special moments of her day, fantastic!

Plus, finally we got to meet the elusive Mike. And just as adorable as Stephanie is, Mike is her perfect counterpart! These two are so friendly, warm, and super cute together. They invited us out to the country on the exact anniversary of their engagement and on yet another gorgeous fall day. The light was warm and they were many laughs shared as the sun set over the Lamont countryside.

Stephanie and Mike, we cannot wait for your country wedding come August!

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Kenzie + Sean | Alberta Engagement Photographers

Mountains are our happy place. We try to visit them more than once a year and a little fun fact, Bee and I are hike lovers and recently into rock climbing like you wouldn’t believe! (We have our own rock wall in our gym now!)

So when Kenzie and Sean said “Can we just maybe go to Jasper for our engagement session?” We jumped with excitement and replied “When’s the soonest we can get there!” So one of the first lovely fall weekends in September off we went to the mountains!

“We know this little hike” they said “It’s kind of off the beaten track, but it has the most beautiful waterfalls” Now, after spending a week in Iceland, there’s one thing we know about waterfalls… they are gorgeous! And this one was no exception. So after grabbing coffee and hastily making our way down the surprisingly frosty/snowy roads of the parkway we began our hike, literally off the side of the highway and in the most gorgeous setting we could imagine. Kenzie and Sean are such a fantastic couple to hang out with and we are so happy they shared this gem with us!

Don’t believe how beautiful hiking can be? Take a peek at the photos from that gorgeous September morning,

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Catheryne + Guy Engagement | Sherwood Park Wedding Photographers

Some of the days back in September started to feel like winter. But I would take a blustery day like Catheryne + Guy’s engagement session day over the snow/rain/whatever this is/what the heck Edmonton? Weather we’ve got now! But not to worry, even though the day was windy and mittens and scarves were required. The fall colours were just springing up and these two were so cute you can’t even tell it was quite cold!

I have known Catheryne since we were in high school, both of us are teachers and she is as sweet as can be. It seems that she has found herself an equally sweet and funny one too! They eagerly brought down their canoe from Cold Lake, and although they didn’t get far on the water they sure look like they are having fun! (I’m pretty sure other wanders at Elk Island National Park thought we were all a little crazy, but it made for such fun photos!) These two like to hike, canoe and explore the world together. So it was fantastic to incorporate this into the session.

We sought refuge from the wind in the beautiful fall looking trees and even ended off the day viewing some bison in the appropriately named Bison Loop, sadly none arose from the brush during the session for some spic photo bombing. But I think we were all okay with that!

Please enjoy some of their cuteness below! And leave some love in the comments!