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Eee vs. Bee — August Winner

“Woah, wait a second… August winner? Isn’t it November?” This is what you may be thinking to yourself and it’s no typo, we are FINALLY announcing our August Eee vs. Bee winner. We apologize so much for the two month delay in our friendly competition but in all honesty, time just slipped away from us these past two months. Bee started teaching a new grade this year and was thrown into that right as September hit, and I was just highly unprepared for getting back into my school work too! Throw a couple photo shoots in there each weekend and September and October was gone.

We do promise a thrilling November competition though to make up for our mishap and we will stay on track from now on.

But here you are, the August winner (feel free to reminisce about summer if you like!)

Photo 2

Bee:  Thanks for all the votes everyone!  This photo walk was quite fun as I got to take out my dad’s old Ae-1.  I also got to use a 24mm lens…. which I loved and now has me wanting to purchase the 24mm L 1.4.


Photo 2

Eee: Another lose! This one was tough. Using a real film camera with zero digital light meter or settings is probably the toughest thing, but so rewarding. I was quite pleased with all the pictures we printed out this time as they actually worked. (As opposed to one of many dates we went on with these beauties only to get strange looks from the printer every time the roll failed.) Whyte Ave is a signature of Edmonton in the summer Whyte Ave is always busy with pedestrians, open windows in shops and cars, and of course bikes. Biking down Whyte Ave on a hot summer day is not uncommon for those who live around this gorgeous area, so that is why I picked a bike for my photo this month.

Don’t forget to leave comments for upcoming challenge ideas you may have. We love to hear what you think and we are going to need some indoor (or cold outdoor) ideas for next month and Decemeber!


Eee vs. Bee — July Winner

We excitedly remembered this evening that we could tally up our Eee vs Bee votes to see who the winner is. This months competition was about July 1st, it seems like somewhat of a Sherwood Park tradition to go down to Broadmoor Lake for all the action of Canada Day. Boy, was It was a beautiful day for all the fun! We’re not quite sure what the August competition will entail, but it’s coming up on Monday night! So stay tuned.


For now, here is the winning pictures from the July Canada Day competition..


Photo #2

Bee: I was born in Canada, and have been here 99.9% of my life (I have only left twice, once to Disney Land and once on a Basketball trip to Seattle)  I love the Canadian flag, I love seeing it waving in the sky, on peoples windows, stitched to peoples backpacks…everywhere.  It gives me such a sense of unity, and makes me proud to live in the World’s greatest country. I knew I had to find a few Canadian flags for this challenge.  As soon as we walked into Broadmoor Lake I spotted these flags and knew that was my picture.


And the gracious loser,


Photo #1

Eee: So this is what losing feels like… just kidding! It was a great match, and Canada Day sure was hard! So much red and white around, tons of kids I couldn’t figure out what to take a picture of. I saw this little girl sitting eating her ice cream and enjoying the festivities, but couldn’t quite get close enough to get the shot I really wanted. Something Brant and I both want to get better at is simply just asking, ‘can I take your picture?’ to people we find interesting (or to mom and dad in this case) But to me this is what Canada day was all about, little kids enjoying their treats, and watching the world go by!


We are really looking forward to this months competition, as we’re using film cameras! Tomorrow is our shooting day and hopefully getting everything developed! Stay tuned for the Thomson’s family shoot coming up this week too, then its off to Kelowna for a quickie vacation! We love the summer!


Don’t forget to leave comments for upcoming challenge ideas you may have. We love to hear what you think and we are going to need some indoor (or cold outdoor) ideas for winter!

Eee vs. Bee — June Winner

For June the Eee vs Bee Challenge was simple, or so we thought. Here in Sherwood Park we have some great parks and random lakes scattered around town, one of the most popular is Broadmoor Lake by Festival Place near the middle of town. It’s a place where Eee and Bee walked together lots while dating and always brought their point and shoots along but we barely go to anymore. During the spring its a great place for walking, biking, or photographing all the new ducklings and geese!


And the winner is………..

well, to our surprise there was no winner for this challenge, after a recount and some last minute votes it was even all across the board! Our first tie on only our second challenge, I guess that’s great for us to know we’re equally good, since our last challenge was only one vote off. There are no sore losers this time and we both get to do our happy dances, here are the photos and who took them:


Bee:  I had no specific picture in mind on our walk, in fact  I have a hard time looking for pictures to take when people are not the subjects.  I love nature, but I’m no nature photographer.  Near the end of our walk I realized I has only taken 4 or 5 pictures, and I knew that none of them were very good.  Just then I seen these very lovely flowers and decided to take a picture.


Eee: Each year we visit Broadmoor Lake in the spring and summer to see the baby geese and ducklings. I am obsessed with this because they are so cute, even when we only used point and shoots we each had about 500 pictures of just geese on our computers trying to get the perfect shot. I was so happy with this one as I was using my 50mm prime and had to get pretty close to him, and we all know how geese love to run at you and bite!