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Simple Baby Photos + Parenthood, here we come! | Sherwood Park Photography

On this rainy day in May, sitting at the computer wondering what the next 20 weeks is going to hold for us, I thought I should get down to writing a little mash up of personal and little photography post. Also, blogging during the winter you think would be easier, but its so not. So here’s getting back into it!

I’ve dabbled in newborn photography on and off since we started our business in 2011. Mostly for friends and people we know, and now that we are well on our way (halfway actually!) to being parents, I wonder if it’ll pop more in our little blog here. I started writing this post last summer, but never wanted to fully commit to posting it. Now I feel like I can add a little personal tidbit to it as well, since in perhaps 20 weeks…, we will have our own newborn (freak out commencing)

Newborns are both adorable and terrifying to us non-parents. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been through 4 nephews, I’ve had countless experiences with babies, but whenever someone messages us up asking for newborn photos, I panic.

Since the summer of 2013, Bee and I decided to focus our efforts on wedding photography. It is something we love to spend our time doing and we feel it is really the bread and butter of Eee and Bee. We love spending time with couples, getting to know them, and hanging out on their wedding day. But there has always been a love, especially for me (eee), of portraits as well. So, we made the decision that of course we won’t stop doing portraits, but I would take the reigns on them.

Now that our time is ticking on the non parent clock, seriously… we have a nursery now and it’s so excitedly terrifying we don’t know what to do. I’ve began to think about my journey through newborn photos I’ve been blessed in being asked to take.

We’ve all seen it, the most adorable Pinterest finds of cute little babes in adorable outfits, propped up on suitcases, holding their own heads, or wrapped up like a little bean. There are some AMAZING newborn photographers in our city and beyond, they are masters at the craft of adorableness. They have studios, lights, and heaters galore. I do not have these things. So, each time someone hires me to come into their home I am praying that these are not the images they are after. And usually, they aren’t! (Phew)

They are after the simple baby photos, that they can print out and remember that brief moment where the little one was the littlest of all. That is what I have come to realize I offer.

Simple baby photos. The kind of photos that I in turn will want if the Bee and I are to ever produce a wee one.

I’ve been lucky to learn what I love most about newborn photos, it’s that amazing connection between family and baby that I’m lucky enough to get to see. I’ve seen friends become mothers and dads who said they didn’t know what to do with babies turn into giant softies around their sweet little one. This is my favorite part, seeing the reaction of becoming parents or becoming a bigger family.

Those small moments where you marvel at their fingers and toes need to be caught too, as well as the times when they are screaming louder then anything that small I thought could produce. I love it! Brothers, sisters, dogs… get them all in there!

And it begins to make me wonder what our own photos will capture. I’m sure I will be toting a camera around to capture my little one or the Bee changing his VERY FIRST DIAPER EVER (yes that’s right. ever!), but will I look the same as all these gorgeous women I know who become mothers so instantly it seems, only time will tell and I’m sure we’ll have the photos to capture it. At least a few.

So, to end this slightly sappy post, here’s a little compilation of a few newborn sessions I’m especially proud of. And I’m already looking forward to seeing some of these families again this summer for another little addition. I can’t wait!





















I don’t know what will change once our little one arrives as far as how many more (or less) portrait sessions I’ll want to take on, but I do know each time I do take on a family session, I love it.

Now booking for your own simple newborn portraits, let us know more about your little one here.





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Adventures in Video | Sherwood Park + Edmonton Videography

One year ago I began tinkering with that ever so handy video function on my camera. It started with a 30 day project, which lead into countless hours of footage of our simple life being filmed on a daily basis, and then I decided that I think I can take this to the next level and put it into our wedding photography. Thus, my love of video and the emotion it captures forever, was re-born.

I have ALWAYS loved video, from the dated projects with the my parents old honker of a camera, to simple shorts (which you can find more of on our Vimeo) I remembered why I loved this art form so much. So, now it’s time to share!

If you have the time, below is Sara + Jon’s May the Fourth wedding slideshow. If you are one of our couples, you know you have the joy of being able to watch your photos in our home for the first time, with your closest friends, family, new husband and wife, and us of course all together. We surprised them with a little bit of video in theirs too.

Sara + Jon Wedding Day

This ignited a fire in me that was unstoppable. And so, Jesse + Cindy were my first full day wedding, with only video to play with.

Jesse Cindy Wedding from Eee and Bee Driedger on Vimeo.

And I haven’t stopped there. This passion for video immeditatley went to crazy new heights and honestly, it is terrifying!

This past year I took on 2 full day weddings, promo work, and even a commercial (yiikes!) and continual personal work. It has added something to possibly take our business to a whole new level, so who knows where it will go from here.

For now, I hope you stay tuned for the videos I worked on this summer.

Let me know what you think in the comments or by shooting me a message! I have been putting off putting myself out there for so long. But, here it is! It’s all out on the line now, and we are very excited! The possibilities seem endless with what I want to do with this new endevour and I’d love to know what you think.

You can check out my Films by Eee (That’s what I’m calling myself now I guess!) Facebook page or as always if you are looking for your own Edmonton or Sherwood Park Wedding Videography, drop us a line to say hi! We’d love to hear from you!


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