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When I first dipped into the world of videography I was so intrigued of course by weddings, but also by promotional videos for companies and other photographers around Edmonton and area.

I was lucky enough to start with my sister in law’s company and a fantastic boudoir photographer to get my feet wet and then this past summer I have had the chance to do even more for some local photographers!

But what is a promo video?

A promotional video is a 1-2 minute video that a business can use pretty much however they want. Sharing on Facebook, using as an ad, or as part of their website!

Did you know that youtube and videos are now one of the top ways people search for things, check out products, and videos are the top shared posts on all social media? Well it’s true, don’t you love watching a video instead of reading a blog post (you’re probably not even reading this right now, I bet you skipped right to the videos! If you did read it though, leave some comments about what types of videos you love.. then I know who’s still reading :) )

So far, i LOVE promotional videos. They are fun to do, require lots of brainstorming and meeting great companies. I hope to do many more in the coming year.


For now, here’s Natalie D’Aoust Photography and her baby-riffic video about her newborn studio in Sherwood Park

Natalie D’Aoust Photography | Promo from Eee and Bee Driedger on Vimeo.




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