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Sam + Sam | Sherwood Park Wedding Photography




Back in September I got to meet up with two of the most kind and happy people! Samantha + Samuel, adorable, loving, and super duper caring. They got married in the summer out East, but insisted on getting a little re-do on their wedding photos here in Alberta.

I couldn’t have been happier to head out on this gorgeous September day, before they partied it up with their Alberta friends and family here in Sherwood Park. Every year I forget the leaves get that yellow, and I’m so lucky to photograph the most beautiful brides and grooms. These two surely have hearts of gold. Here’s a little peek from the fun we had!

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“On my wedding, no one let me twirl in my dress!” When I asked her to twirl to her hearts content, I had never seen anyone happier. Every girl’s wedding dress needs to be twirled in!


Leanne + Cody | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Well, as terrible as this is going to sound, Leanne and Cody were actually not just married this year. They will be celebrating their one year anniversary and I’m just getting around to writing this post. Time slipped away in 2013, what with Christmas, family time, and just plain laziness. And before I knew it… I did NOT want to be reminding us about winter in the middle of summer.

So, one year later, here we are. Remembering their gorgeous winter day and, oh hey, I make an appearance in these photos too. Leanne and I are best of friends, musically linked from University and share in all things teacher related day in and day out. So when they asked me to join in their wedding party and capture their day, how could we say no. Really I did no capturing in photos but the Bee did a stunning job on getting us all looking swell throughout their -25 winter wedding.

We laughed, we cried… I cried a lot more than Leanne and Cody that’s for sure. And the winter light faded away as we all celebrated their love with an evening ceremony and warm reception.

I know that these two have enjoyed a full and loving year together and we wish you the happiest of anniversaries!

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A big thanks to Erin Walker that day too, a photographer and dear friend, since I was clearly not photographing that day, she came out to support the Bee. Thanks Erin!


-Eee and Bee

Stephanie + Mike | Sherwood Park Engagement Photographers

Spending time photographing couples is probably our favorite thing to do… actually no, it IS our favorite thing to do when it comes to photography! Engagement sessions are so chill and relaxing, we hope that everyone has fun because we sure do!

Stephanie and I work together as teachers, for a year now I’ve gushed over her plans, her ring, and wondered when I’d get to meet her man. (We all have around the staff table actually!) We were so honored when they asked us to be part of their day, my excitement has been through the roof. She is such a great colleague and friend, we survived our first year of teaching together and now I get to capture those special moments of her day, fantastic!

Plus, finally we got to meet the elusive Mike. And just as adorable as Stephanie is, Mike is her perfect counterpart! These two are so friendly, warm, and super cute together. They invited us out to the country on the exact anniversary of their engagement and on yet another gorgeous fall day. The light was warm and they were many laughs shared as the sun set over the Lamont countryside.

Stephanie and Mike, we cannot wait for your country wedding come August!

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