When it comes to engagement sessions, family sessions, or any type of the so called “lifestyle” sessions, we always get asked: “SO, where should we go to take photos? Do you two have photo locations in mind?”

The answer is ALWAYS of course, we search the city for fun spots, beautiful backdrops, and hidden gems… BUT, this usually doesn’t mean anything much to someone like you! (Unless you would like us to go scouting just for you!)

When you think about getting photos done of you and your loved ones, the photos will mean a lot because you have some beautiful people on board, and we can crack smiles from the most mean muggin’ of men. But we want more then that. For each engagement session I ask the couple “What do you two love to do together?” Be it coffee dates, skating in the chilly winter wind, hiking through the river valley (or mountains… we like going there too!) or just spending time at your home cooking a great meal. We want to capture the moments that mean the most to you.

When we meet I love hearing engagement stories, they are probably one of my favorite things (and I think Bee likes them a lot too) Make them awesome, even if it was just he got down on one knee in the kitchen. It was an amazing life decision you both decided to make and you better tell that story with tons of excitement! We would love to incorporate that in any way we can into your engagement session.

It doesn’t have to be fantastical, breathtaking, or over the top, whatever you love to do together will work just perfectly, and don’t forget you can always throw some fun props in there too.



Some suggestions for (and FROM) our Brides to be:

Pinterest type things (signs, cute poses, you name it we can try it)

Fur babies can come along too

Outdoor activities like hiking, walking, snowball fights!

An outdoor picnic (which you see with Dru + Mitch’s Edmonton engagement session)

Fave coffee shops

You could even try out a stylized session, just ask us how!


The most important thing to remember is to make it true to you, let us worry about the rest!