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Sara + Jon | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Sara and Jon picked the most gorgeous, but coldest day of the winter for their engagement session! You can’t tell at all that it was a slightly chilly -30 degrees (plus that wind) outside because these two were all smilies. One week before their 7 year anniversary we got to photograph the lovebirds!

Sara and Jon are too cute high school sweethearts and have been with each other ever since. We were so excited to incorporate the high school (which was also the high school Bee and I went to. Fun fact: we all went to school together at one time or another, Bee remembers Jon from grade school, and I remember Sara when I started high school!)

These two also win the prize for BEST laughing and inside jokes, they had no trouble cracking each other up, which was making it super easy for us to photograph. We couldn’t stop smiling because of their amazing love being shown for each other, no matter what the jokes we couldn’t hear were.

Sara and Jon’s wedding is coming up this May the Fourth, and yes… we are geekily excited to see what they put in to that day. Can you guess why? It has been such a pleasure hanging out with these two, we can’t wait for a much warmer May!













Rebecca + Jereme Wedding Day | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Okay, blogging catch up time! First lets start with our gorgeous couple from January and their super amazing winter wedding!

Wow, wow, wow… did I say it enough, WOW! We can’t even express how much we LOVE what we do!

Rebecca + Jereme’s wedding day was a beyond amazing way to kick off 2013. These two are so incredible, their families are amazing, and their bridal party was so much fun! They sure know how to throw a wedding full of what its meant to be: 100% love!

The day began with a beautiful ceremony at the McLaurin Memorial Baptist church and the majority of the ceremony was led so beautiful by Rebecca’s father. It was amazing, full of song and love for these two from those who surrounded them. I am always a sucker for beautiful music, these two had the perfect choices, I was certainly singing along in my head (and tearing up like crazy as per usual!) Their vows had such meaning and you could tell by the amazing things they said about one another, they are truly meant to be.

There was an afternoon tea reception for all the guests to spend time with the couple and I loved the way Rebecca’s face lit up every single time she saw a person, whether it was family or friend, it was amazing to see the smile on her face.

From a surprise at fire hall 21 (in tribute to Rebecca’s grandfather) to a beautiful acreage in South Edmonton, and then a beautiful dinner reception full of beautiful purples and reds at The Palace, the day was drop dead GORGEOUS! The best part of this job is getting to be happy and bubbly all day, with a beautiful couple, who is so in love its adorable. Rebecca and Jereme, your friends and family welcomed us with smiling faces and open arms (seriously, loved all the hugs) and we were so happy to be a part of your day!































Dru + Mitch | Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Dru and Mitch’s engagement session was such a fantastic day! The chills of winter worked perfectly for their semi styled winter picnic session. Dru and Mitch love their time outside, so they had no fear of the cold. When Dru emailed me with some ideas for a shoot at their favorite dates spot and a sort of, winter picnic I was ECSTATIC! I think the best way to create photos that you are going to love forever, is do things that you actually like to do… watch for a post coming later about “styled” shoots!

Dru and Mitch had their very first date at the Blue Plate Diner a cute little bistro resteraunt downtown Edmonton on 104th street. They frequent the diner still for dates and we want to thank the staff and management of the Blue Plate SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for letting us come in, order some beers and take over their lunch rush a little bit. Dru and Mitch could not have been more awesome, everyone may have thought that they were some sort of super cool rock stars that have come into town as Bee and I circled the resteraunt trying to get the best photos of them, but they played it so cool and the photos worked out lovely!

Then it was onto our outdoor winter picnic, they came in tow with a beautiful blanket to keep out the cold, some coffee and baileys, and adorable Scrabble mugs as they are super competitive Scrabble players! These two are such cuties and totally rocked their engagement session, we cannot wait for their much warmer summer wedding this August!