2012 was such an amazing year for us. We changed our logo, our colours, our business plan. We began focusing on weddings (although we still did and will do families in the coming year so don`t fret, we just love weddings, like a lot!) We got 12 amazing weddings to be a part of and we learned a heck of a lot about ourselves, our life, and our business.

Our highlights from 2012 include buying our first house, crossing some travel off our list, (Bee did Europe and Vegas, then we did Vegas together in May.) and celebrated 2 wonderful years of marriage. We aren`t ones for resolutions, but we are looking forward to an amazing 2013 in which we have some beautiful couples getting married, Eee finishing school, and the hopes of maybe taking this photography thing a little more full time may be in the midst, but we`ll see. All we hope and wish is that you had as awesome of a 2012 that you all make 2013 just as amazing!

Now for some fave photos… It`s always hard to narrow down the favorites from the year, so here is a look back at our top 15!















Happy New Year!