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Wow, we can’t believe that the final wedding of our year is already over! Adrienne and Steve made it end with a bang though. What a sweet and amazing day they had.

October has seemed to take a turn to the cold weather, but their day was so perfectly warm. We started out the day with Adrienne’s ladies at the Westin downtown and it was so much fun! They had taken over the Royal Suite, the music was playing, the girls were all laughing, and the atmosphere was perfect. Once we arrived at the Faculty Club at the University of Alberta for their gorgeous afternoon ceremony the excitement really picked up.

Adrienne and Steve shared vows that, yes, i bawled my eyes out for too! The choir Adrienne sings in sang beautiful ceremony music and continued to entertain throughout the evening. With the gorgeous afternoon sun for photos and an evening full of laughter, great food, some tears, and a rocking party, our 2012 season could not have ended more perfect. Adrienne and Steve, you two are adorable and we can tell you love each other very much! (They even shared a few kisses for photos, even though they don’t like PDA we were pretty excited they stole a few even when they thought we weren’t looking.)

Here are some of our favorite photos from the day… Enjoy!


Such a fun and lovely crew of ladies and gents they had!!


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  1. Connie Alton

    Thank you for these beautiful photographs. You are sensitive to the individual personalities and the varied moods of the occasion. I am really looking forward to seeing more!


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