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Paula + Mark — Edmonton Engagement Photographers

Love is still in the air! At least for a few more weeks until our wintery sessions begin here in Edmonton.

What to say about these two cute people? Maybe talk about how much fun they are, how much they had us laughing throughout this whole summery morning, or maybe something random like Mark there, he’s a Beekeeper… (SO COOL!)

The reason we love engagement sessions so much is because for just a little while before the wedding day we get to see a couple interact and have a blast. Mark and Paula have been together for ten years! And their love is incredibly amazing, whether it was little in between kisses on the forehead or having us all in an uproar of laughter for the majority of our time together it was clear that these two are about to married and will spend a long life making each other smile.

Enough talking about the smiles, here are some of our favourites.

Ahhh, so cute! We can’t wait to head down to Lethbridge next week for their Thanksgiving weekend wedding!

Christine + Chad — St. Albert Wedding Photographers

Christine and Chad were such a lovely couple to hang out with and be a part of their day. This was probably the most relaxed wedding day we’ve ever been to and it was fantastic. Rain and wind? Who cares! Late officiant? Doesn’t matter, they were just ready to get married and enjoy time with their friends and family celebrating their love. Perfect! It’s always nice to be part of a day where the bride turns to you and says “All that matters is that Chad and I are married now.” Double perfect!

They did such a fantastic job with the hall out in St. Albert with their woodsy, rustic theme. I loved it! I also swear they could be models, they were super amazing to photograph! Their big day was such a fantastic thing to be a part of, we couldn’t stop smiling all day. Thanks Christine and Chad for allowing us to be there, now to enjoy some photos.

The First Look — Wedding Wednesdays

I’ve suddenly decided that Helpful Tips Series is kind of a mouthful and too much to say, Wedding Wednesdays (although used everywhere) is just more fun and flows a lot nicer.

This wedding wednesday is all about one Bee and I’s favourite things that can be done at a wedding: The First Look. The first look is popular in the United States, in fact most brides and grooms do it and recommend it from there. If you search it online you will find tons of beautiful example photos and kind words about this special new tradition that is being implemented into weddings. We and many photographers are trying to have it make a strong presence here too!

Not only do we love when you do it, we did it too! So here are a few frequently expressed opinions about the first look and our answers to them!


Then I won’t get that special moment when he sees me for the first time! 

Yes, he actually will get to see you for the first time, but instead of being an aisle away he will be right there, able to hug you, love you, kiss you, and tell you how beautiful you look! It adds to the emotion, excitement, and beauty of the entire day. We also think its about ten times more romantic then walking down an aisle towards him, because we all know how boys (and sometimes girls) don’t want to cry in front of a crowd, why put him on display when you can see and feel his emotion right in front of you instead of having everyone watch him try not to cry! (Plus, you still get a picture of what he thought of you because Bee is on one side and I am on the other catching both your reactions from afar!)


But then my parents can’t walk me down the aisle! 

Absolutely not true! This doesn’t mean you have to walk down the aisle together, although we did so we are fans of that too! Dad or mom or both will still be positively beaming while walking you down even if you’ve already had time for photos together that morning with your hubby to be. Having seen each other before hand will probably get most of those aisle jitters too!

When would we even do something like this? 

Why, before your ceremony of course! It doesn’t really matter when or where your ceremony is as you can do the first look almost anywhere. For Courtney and Jason’s wedding we did it right outside the church about an hour before they were to be married


but if you want more time in between we did Matt and Alex’s about 3 hours before their ceremony freeing up some photo time before hand.

What’s the point!

There are many points! Most of them I’ve outlined already. But here is a brief list and summary of them all.
-As I said, it frees up a lot of time for photos before the ceremony. So if you’re having a 4pm ceremony, 5pm cocktail hour and 6pm dinner, you may want to consider the first look so we can get lots of photos of you two.

- It is seriously beautiful to see a soon to be Mr. and Mrs. lock eyes for the first time on their very special day. These are the moments that can be missed or subdued during an aisle walk. Getting the opportunity to spend 15 mins alone before you are getting married, after getting all dresses up, and realizing how special the day is going to be is an incredible moment you only want to share with your loved one.

-You look darn good after just getting out of hair and makeup (so do your girls) you also don’t look tired yet, what a perfect time to do some bridal party photos that will stay pretty forever!

-We can get many more photos of your grooms face when he sees you for the first time during a first look. (Your expressions too!) It makes a great album page.

-Helps in the wedding planning a lot! No longer do you need to have that 3 hour gap in the middle of the day where guests just wander, doing photos before allows a lovely transition from ceremony, to cocktail hour and then to dinner and dance.

-My final point and one I most strongly believe in is: YOU WILL BE SO RELAXED! What is better then feeling comforted by your best friend and soul mate on probably one of the most stressful mornings of your life. Having seen them already in the morning eases you in a way I never thought possible, but have seen proven at all weddings where a first look has happened. Your knees hopefully wont be knocking through the whole ceremony when you’ve been able to hold hands leading up to the big moment in the day.

We love a first look! Hopefully you do now too. If not we will still trying to convince you if you book with us. Still not convinced? That’s okay, to each their own and if your more of a traditional bride that is perfectly great too! That’s why there are so many ways to do a wedding right, everyone makes their own one unique to them!

I will end with this, the first look makes for such amazing moments. Moments are the best parts of a wedding day and what we are there to capture. We want you to have tons of beautiful ones to look at forever, so please ask us more about a first look and how much we love it (if you can’t tell already!)