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Karyn + Evan — Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Wow what a whirlwind of a weekend! TWO engagements over the last weekend of August, can we be any luckier? We love engagements, the stories and the cute couples we get to photograph.

Karyn and Evan clearly have a love that will last a lifetime and we truly love getting to see couples who are in love with each other. They have been together since high school and recently got engaged at a lake near Karyn’s acreage, which was so true to them as they love being out in nature and a picnic was involved (How cute!) So we all thought it was only fitting we made it an outdoor and super woodsy engagement session at Karyn’s parents acreage where she grew up. We had such a fun time wandering through the pathways behind their home as Karyn explained all the fun she had there as a child. Old forts and new tree houses were all around and the summer sun made it an amazing evening for photos. Plus, the mosquitoes weren’t too bad.

We can’t wait to be a part of Karyn and Evan’s big, relaxed day next August, they make it look so easy to be photographed!

PINspiration — Helpful Wedding Tips Series

Weddings are one the biggest parties you’ll ever get to throw for those you love. When you first become engaged it seems like everyone is already asking you what the theme is, where are you going to have the wedding, or my favorite, “what day have you picked!?” even though typically you’ve only been engaged for a day or two.

There are many places a bride can and should go to find inspiration for their wedding. I remember flipping through magazines at the stores, buying a few, and even heading to the library to see what Martha S. could whip up for me. But nothing seems to be more of a phenomenon then Pinterest. Pinterest leads you to other sites, which leads you to amazing blogs, which leads you to vendors and designers and photographers and dress stores…(breath)  How exciting is that? Wait, How overwhelming is that?

Pinterest is an amazing tool, but I must be honest I am partially glad I did not have it for some of those more expensive items I’ve pinned myself (mostly beautiful ball gown dress. I do love a certain miss V.W.) but at the same time there are so many amazing ideas, DIY projects, and beautiful additions that would make amazing wedding pieces. So how do you use Pinterest without getting entirely overwhelmed? I have a few tips.

Create boards, lots of boards. This way it might be easier to sort through later on. If you are just dreaming of your wedding day and the boyfriend hasn’t quite popped the question yet (or you haven’t) there is nothing wrong with a “One day” board in my opinion. If you do have that shiny new ring on your finger, go to town! I would suggest having miultiple boards instead of one all encompassing “MY WEDDING!” board. Here are some ideas for titles:
“Dresses & Accessories”
“The Reception”
“DIY projects for the Wedding”
“Honeymoon Ideas”
“Gift ideas”
“Things to do on the big day”
You get the idea, lots of boards means easier access to when you think “Now where were those really cool centerpieces made out of wine bottles that I liked?” Pop them into “DIY projects” and you may only have to sort through 20 pins, instead of 220.
Follow friends, vendors, and even some random boards. Not only is this where you can gain a lot of insight and different ideas, sometimes vendors will post their own work for your area so you can phone them up if you like what you see. Pinterest is a brand new and amazing social media tool that even we use sometimes with our photos! (Plus, if you follow me I have a couple of awesome wedding boards too! Just because you are married doesn’t mean you can’t still have them right?)

DON’T pin everything. I went a little pin crazy and one might say was addicted to pinning everything I saw that afterwards it was hard to sort through what I actually like. Take a note from the Bee. He pins sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) and only pins things he knows I want to see or are useful in some way. I’ve found the LIKE button is much more useful for things you see and really like but are not really sure they are actually of any use.

Pinterest is such a perfect tool for making your wedding uniquely you by combining others ideas and probably end up coming up with some of your own, then pinning them for others to see! So when you need to get the DIY juice flowing or just need any wedding inspiration, why not head over to Pinterest before spending your wedding dollars on a few magazines and see where the PINspiration takes you.

Dori + Kevin — Edmonton Wedding Photographers

These two could not be any cuter! We have been trying to get them in front of the camera for a few months now, but since it is Alberta in the summer the rain kept holding us off from an evening together, we could not have waited for a better evening though! Hanging out with a cool couple, beautiful sunlight, and some Blues Festival music floating through the air made for such a fun filled night.

Dori and Kevin got engaged at Hawrelak Park last winter, he was so good in even having a friend capture it on camera so now they can treasure it forever. (We like his style!) They will be getting married next June and we are so excited to be a part of their day! Check out some of their incredible cuteness and love!