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Home Sweet Home — Snippets from Eee + Bee

Finally, we have some exciting news to share with you! Our summers are often filled with a combination of travelling and now, tons of weddings! This year the most exciting part of our summer (and perhaps lifetime) was that we are proud homeowners!



Purchasing a home was something that sort of came out of the blue for us. We had always thought of purchasing one after we had done some traveling around the world next summer and I was finished all my schooling, but with an abrupt change in our current living situation and with all the lovely business enquiries we were receiving, plus a super awesome market there was no better time!

We are currently living a little bit furniture-less and not saddened by it one bit! The joys of homeownership have overwhelmed us and the best part of it all we can’t wait to share the space with friends, family, and all of you! (If you live far away or aren’t a bride and groom of ours, don’t worry that’s why we will take pictures of it all!) We get to let our creative juices flow as we are currently turning out living space into something extraordinary to have guests over and it will also serve as the perfect place to meet all those new brides!

As the many more joys of home ownership unfold we will be sure to let you in on them! Leave comments with ideas how you make your home more amazing! Also, Comments make us so happy!

Heather + Clayton — Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Heather and Clayton’s wedding day couldn’t have capped off our June and July weddings any better! From getting ready to dancing it was such a perfect day. Right smack in the middle of the heat wave that hit Edmonton the beginning of July we were blessed with a warm, but breezy day for them to be wed.

From the moment we arrived at Heather’s parents house in the morning we were giddy like kids with excitement for the day ahead. Not only have we been waiting over a year since we first met them, but we could tell that everyone who they had picked to surround them all day was also very happy and excited for them.

We are so lucky to have such helpful and kind brides and grooms, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Heather spent about 15 minutes making everyone coffee and her mom and dad kept offering us all sorts of food and goodies. Nothing like a two bite brownie before heading into the limo to give everyone a little kick!

The ceremony was absolutely lovely, I always get a little (okay a lot) choked up at some beautiful readings and words. Their pastor was very kind and I may have almost let out a real sigh when I heard a very familiar reading called “What is Love” (It brought me back to our own wedding day) Their limo was rocking and there was no short of fun with Clayton’s Cape Breton crew around all day long!

We were so lucky to be part of their very special day. Take a look at some of the favorite photos…

Hula hoops at weddings is clearly a must have.. Clayton looks pretty good at it too!

Catherine + Justin

Probably our number one favorite thing to do together is hang out with other couples. Catherine and Justin were absolutely fantastic company on this past thursdays warm summer evening. I think we like it best because not only do we just get to hang out with our stunning couples, laugh, chat, and get to know one another, we also get to photograph them.

Catherine and Justin are an incredible couple who really were amazing to hang out with. The beauty of the river valley did not even compare to the love they were showing one another! These are two very kind hearted and fascinating people that we had such a blast with them and I was giddy with excitement while they were sharing new wedding details.

It’s always nice to meet a down to earth couple who is just in love with being in love. They showed up all smiles and we could tell how perfect they are for one another by the way they could make each other laugh and kept those smiles on their faces the entire time. The decision to get married is a huge life changer and we are always excited to hear engagement stories much like theirs where a moment just strikes and there is a realization you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, even if you didn’t have a ring handy at the time. Deciding to get married to the love of your life is truly beautiful. By the looks in their eyes, they are clearly in for the long with one another which makes us so happy.

We are so excited for them to be married in September (we even chatted about how excited we are about it all the way home!) We can’t wait to share in the day with you, for now we share our favorite photos of the lovebirds…






HEY! It’s us :) Down there … doing what we love! Hope you enjoy some of these as well.