Snippets from the life of Eee + Bee

We know you don’t know much about us, unless you have hired us and we had a ton of fun on your session! So we’ve decided that maybe some of you would like to delve into the personal world of Eee and Bee, what do you think about that?

Yes, we have decided to make our blog a little more personal and we hope you are okay with that. I know that we often spend so much time capturing other people’s memories for them that we forget to capture our own! I’ll be the first one to say that’s preposterous! So we hope you don’t mind our newest series, Snippets from the life of Eee + Bee.

It’s going to be a grand adventure through the life of, well, us! We want you to join in our memories and fun through blog posts about the fun we get to have. This perhaps will be somewhat sporadic, as with our crazy lives we never know when we are going to have time to make some memories (and take photos of them!) but with some very big news and exciting things for our lives coming up, I’m sure you won’t want to miss out.

We’ve been brainstorming some other ideas to write about, but mostly when exciting things happen or when things just happen we will be there to capture it for ourselves. This section of our blog is going hopefully to bring both reading joy to you and forces us to actually document our own lives. (Because we can’t really go on and on about how you should be preserving your own memories, without doing the same.) Sometimes it may just be a blog post with a picture or two, (hopefully not always in Instagrams) other times it may be more pictures then writing! But we hope you stop by every once in awhile in our efforts to bring a little of our lives into yours.

We always love to hear what you think, your comments make us smile so much! So please leave us ideas and your own tips when you read any posts, we really love to hear from whoever may be reading out there!

Bee’s new baby — 24mm lens

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