Courtney + Jason

Friends are filling up the blog this week! Alycia + Andrew’s wedding last week, Matt + Alex to come by the weekend! But it’s time again for another engagement session (one of our favorite types of sessions might I add) ¬†this time Courtney and Jason are stealing the show! Courtney is another great friend of mine for University and her fiance Jason is pretty great himself!

The final days of May brought warm weather and beautiful sunsets. It makes you actually feel like summer is coming! (Which is so exciting, because we love summer so much!) We figured it was only fitting to take in some of the beauty that the University campus brings in the spring. It’s pretty dull during the regular semesters but in the spring it comes to life and I just love it!

The main reason we LOVE couples sessions is that you get to watch a couple for an entire hour be totally head over heels in love with each other. It’s actually one of our requirements that you do so. Watching Courtney and Jason talk about their days and interact about the wedding details or just little things they shared with one another was beautiful. The quiet and laughing out loud moments make it all worth while.

We hope you gush over Courtney and Jason just like us, leave comments to let them know how much you like them!!


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