Christine + Chad

These two were a ton of fun! We are so excited for your wedding in September. We have seemed to luck out with having the most relaxed and down to earth couples come our way. Christine + Chad were no exception and even though Chad may deny it, I think we all had a TON of fun.

Downtown Edmonton brings beautiful backdrops but these two were stunners on their own. From dingy alleys to beautiful parks, spending this past Wednesday evening with them was awesome. They were full of laughs and great smiles.

Christine + Chad got engaged almost a year to the day we met them in Las Vegas. Christine just could not understand why Chad kept wearing his suit jacket everywhere in the 40 degree weather, but he did not want to lose her beautiful ring. (It’s amazing might I add!) We love the way a couple looks at one another, we didn’t have to even try to pose these two they were right in their little moments and sharing small smiles before we even had to crack our ridiculous jokes. Beautiful!

Got to love a couple who will go wherever and do whatever you want them to do, Christine was such a trooper in her amazing shoes and the pictures are well worth the walk! Enjoy some of our favorites…


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