Alise + Nathan — Second Shooting with Erin Walker

This summer we have the¬†opportunity¬†to second shoot for the lovely Erin Walker of Erin Walker Photography. She is a fantastic photographer and person, we are so lucky to work along side her a few times this season! Check out her post about Alise and Nathan’s wedding here!

Second shooting, some of you may be going, what’s that? Bee and I work together, so you get both of us for weddings. We are really lucky to be a husband and wife duo and although living with your second shooter and business partner can sometimes cause photography related rants or arguments, we love it a lot! Many photographers work solo (and I don’t know how they do it) and bring in another photographer to help out on the big day. We love Erin’s work so we are so excited to spend some time being her wingman this summer! It’s a totally different perspective and learning curve working with someone other then your spouse, but a lot of fun!

Up first this year, Bee spent Saturday with the crew from Alise + Nathan’s wedding, here are some of the shots he got!


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