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The Weather — Helpful Tips Series

Our first Helpful tips series starter is going to be all about weather!

Since June in Edmonton (or most of summer really) is always up in the air of what will actually come on your wedding day in regards to rain or shine, we have a little advice for you when it comes to the weather. Don’t go crazy! This is probably the one thing you cannot and never will be able to control. If you’re like me (and slightly insane) you may have checked 10 years back into the farmers almanac to see what the likelihood of rain (maybe even snow) is on your wedding day, but it can still rain on your wedding day. It can also be +35 for your beautiful outdoor ceremony. So what are you to do?

Weather is so unpredictable it’s not worth it to stress out. Even a perfectly planned date can get a little rain in the morning, changing photo locations and outdoor ceremony venues. If you’re worried about that ceremony location, make sure to have a back up. If you’re worried about photos not turning out because of the rain, there are backups for that too! That’s why we’re there for you on the wedding day, we know lots of tips and tricks to get around the rain and still get stunning photos of you!

When planning an outdoor ceremony, be sure to take extra care in backups and times. Direct sunlight in the middle of July takes up about 85% of the day and you won’t look as pretty as you think when that sunbeam is cutting off half your face or your guests blinking so much they can’t see the ceremony. Talk to your vendors about perhaps renting a tent, then rain or shine you are covered. We can help you plan your ceremony time to at tee too!. There are specific times of the day it would be best to have your ceremony outside in the summer and if you’re looking for that beautiful evening glow, well then after 7 or 8pm on a gorgeous summer day would be best (And look great!)

If you are thinking about the likelihood of rain on the day and taking away photo time, we cannot stress enough don’t take away those 1 or 2 hours we have for fun photos of you two and your bridal party. A lot of the fun from the day comes out of that time and gives you a chance to just hang out. Plus, some of the best photos for your walls are from that those few hours. If we think we are going to need some rain backups, we will call you up the week before and let you know. Sometimes booking an indoor location is impossible a week before but other places like city hall and even the Citadel may be able to accommodate us for some morning photos. Rain or shine we can use the space so money isn’t wasted and you end up with some very different and dry photos! If we can’t find an indoor location, well we will dance all week in the hopes rain won’t pour, because a little light drizzle never hurt anyone. Stock up on cute umbrellas for you and your maids so we aren’t ruining the beautiful hair you all have and we know a few covered areas which will be just fine in the rain too!

The more flexible you allow yourself to be, the more you will enjoy your wedding day. And if it doesn’t go just as planned, know that you are still going to be married to the love of your life, rain or shine!




Did it rain on your wedding day? Have any other helpful hints on how to deal with the pesky Edmonton weather? Leave comments for the beautiful brides to be reading this! I’m sure they (and we) would love to know what you think too! 


Christine + Chad

These two were a ton of fun! We are so excited for your wedding in September. We have seemed to luck out with having the most relaxed and down to earth couples come our way. Christine + Chad were no exception and even though Chad may deny it, I think we all had a TON of fun.

Downtown Edmonton brings beautiful backdrops but these two were stunners on their own. From dingy alleys to beautiful parks, spending this past Wednesday evening with them was awesome. They were full of laughs and great smiles.

Christine + Chad got engaged almost a year to the day we met them in Las Vegas. Christine just could not understand why Chad kept wearing his suit jacket everywhere in the 40 degree weather, but he did not want to lose her beautiful ring. (It’s amazing might I add!) We love the way a couple looks at one another, we didn’t have to even try to pose these two they were right in their little moments and sharing small smiles before we even had to crack our ridiculous jokes. Beautiful!

Got to love a couple who will go wherever and do whatever you want them to do, Christine was such a trooper in her amazing shoes and the pictures are well worth the walk! Enjoy some of our favorites…


Alex + Matt — Wedding Day

June 2nd we had the honor of being a big part of Matt + Alex’s special day. From the moment we arrived at the bustling salon we knew it was going to be an incredibly fun day and it did not disappoint. The bridesmaids were beautiful, the groomsmen were dapper as ever and the entire day was full of laughing, stories shared, and even just a few sweet tears here and there which made everything feel so special.

Their DIY decor and outdoor ceremony made everything so them. It was a colourful and beautiful day. The rainy forecast never followed through, making their outdoor ceremony at Victoria park in the River Valley PERFECT! We were big fans of the relaxed nature they all had and the many laughs we were able to capture. It was a spectacular day.

Here are some of our absolute favorites…


These two are the BEST for picture suggestions. They had their runners tag along all day long in order for these pictures to happen. Running is something they do together in the River Valley and what a fantastic way to incorporate it into the day. Those strange looks from passer’s by were so worth it! We love these shots!

Matt + Alex, we were so excited to be part of the big day and we are super excited for you guys, you two are perfect for each other! Congrats!