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Alycia + Andrew –Las Vegas Wedding

I am so excited to blog about this wedding. Not only was it our first destination wedding, but the day belonged to my beautiful friend Alycia! (And Andrew I guess too!) Bee and I took the quick May long weekend trip down to Las Vegas, Nevada for their gorgeous day! And gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe how it was.

They were wed at the beautiful Wynn Hotel, with a reception later on in the evening at The Venetian. Our first experience to Vegas together may not have been the best little getaway as Bee came down with an awful cold the first day we were there. But none the less we really enjoyed spending Sunday with these two amazing friends and their families and guests.

It was so fitting for Alycia and Andrew to be married here, its where they vacation, they were engaged in front of the Bellagio hotel back in August, and who wouldn’t love that amazing weather! Their ceremony, of course, brought me to tears as we watched these two long time love birds tie the knot with the beautiful Vegas sun shining down on them. They may hate us for all the PDA we made them do in and around the Wynn and strip, but their laughs and smiles kept us all going in that intense heat of the weekend and awkward moments (where even tourists were taking pictures of them!)

We are so happy for you both! Here are the pictures from Alycia and Andrew’s Vegas wedding!


I have a feeling these two are going to do a lot of laughing together for the rest of their lives, look at those smiles!


Sophie + Chris

It’s just been engagement season galore here with us! (Which we love!) With all the June weddings approaching, Sophie and Chris were right in the mix with our week of engagement sessions. We lucked out with some amazingly cute couples this summer, these two even came with an outfit change, which if you stay tuned to our tips and tricks you’ll come to know why we love it so much!

Sophie and Chris had an amazing enthusiasm and a great sense of humor that made this past Wednesday evening so much fun. Although the weather wasn’t quite on par with where it had been as Chris said “You can’t have them all” so I bet their wedding day is just going to be gorgeous. The sun still peeked out and we had a ton of fun downtown and then back in Sherwood Park with these two.

We know your wedding day is going to be fantastic and we are absolutely looking forward to June 23. For now, here’s our favorites..


Helpful Tips Series — Weddings

Hello internet!


We can feel it in the air, after a brisk walk to get some evening Starbucks (which is only adding to our late night insomnia right now) we can feel spring and summer is truly approaching us! May and June brides rejoice, we are so excited for the upcoming weddings we have in the next couple months and all summer long of course. Which means just like us gearing up for your weddings the beautiful brides of Edmonton and all over the world are also getting ready for their very special day.

Our wedding season officially started back in March with the gorgeous Tara + Nigel (don’t remember them, check them out here!) But we count that more as a winter wedding I’d say, even though the temperatures were quite unusually lucky for March. Now that May is officially here we are about to kick off the next set of weddings starting on the long weekend with a very good friend of mine, thankfully enough they are getting married in Vegas, so I’m sure it will be beautifully hot there! Now that the summer is here and everyone is getting ready for weddings we have decided, because we know you miss us when we don’t blog super often, that we are going to dive into the world of blogging head first and give myself a chance to give you a few things!

The first thing we are going to be starting off with is a weekly series of my (Eee’s) helpful and handy dandy tips for brides. I’ve been there done that, and got the t-shirt! And with the few weddings we’ve been to and photographed, we feel we are a little confident in what we know about how a wedding goes down. So if you’re not a fan of certain websites that have to do with tying the knot and would rather have some personal based on experience information, look no further! We are here for you with our little tips and tricks about being the least stressed you can about your wedding. We truly know how stressful it can be in the next few months.

So if you ever have something weighing on your mind that you want to know how we coped with it during our wedding process, PLEASE leave us comments and emails, because they make us smile. (You don’t even have to be one of brides, isn’t that the best part about this internet thing?) Watch out once a week for a helpful tips series, in the summer they will come in the form of wedding style tips, maybe a few family photo or engagement tips thrown in for good measure. But we promise to engage and thrill you with our personal anecdotes and hopefully Bee will weigh in on his tips for Grooms (which I know nothing about tying a tie and getting ready Groom style!)

We really hope you enjoy our helpful tips let us know what you want to know in the comments (just down there, we love them!)