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Leanne & Cody — Edmonton Couple Photography

When dear friends of mine ask if they can get their pictures taken by us I always get so excited. It’s even better when its not specifically for an engagement, they just wanted their love to be remembered in pictures, DONE! These two couldn’t have been more lucky with the weather and they made it SO easy, it was clear they were super in love and not afraid to show it which makes for AMAZING photos.

It’s always super to see two people who love to have fun with each other (even when two camera’s are pointed at them) I couldn’t stop raving about their session to Leanne and how much we love these photos. But even more so, how cute a couple they are. Couples are the absolute favorite of ours because we renew our own love and fun each time we go out on a shoot. They reignite something wonderful and exciting inside you that makes you want to be a better couple and be super cute too! We owe many thanks to the many couples we interact with, you truly are our favorites and we love your engagements and weddings!

So here are the two cutest people I think I’ve ever seen and their super awesome couple session (when the ring comes, we’ll be waiting in the wings!)


A new vision.

It seems like every girl (including myself) and probably some guys are addicted to Pinterest. It is a fantastic tool but I must say far too addicting, especially if you have the iPhone app and it can be in the palm of your hands 24/7! It is probably the best thing since sliced bread and I am SO glad I did not have it when we got married for that exact reason, but this is not a post about Pinterest, thats for another time.

This is a post specifically about a new vision or idea for Bee and I. Why talk about Pinterest you may ask? Well, I happen to pin a lot of quotes and inspiration for our business on there (so if you’re not following me, you might want to get to know us better! But I warn you, I pin a lot!) I came across a couple of quotes and sayings, all things that could be potential business ideas, they were written down and stuck on post-it notes everywhere on my desk, but then I found the one. The one that made me say “thats it, that is why we do this” that is what this post is about.

If you’ve read around the blog and website (which will have changes coming soon, so as we always say… stay tuned) you’ll hopefully know why we do this together and why we love it so much. We love photos. Our house is full of them and later on this month there will be a blog post explaining in great detail why we love taking photos so much and how we got started, so I won’t get into that just yet. We always hope that every person we take pictures of feels the same, because its true that a photo can say a thousand words.

When we look back on life, we usually remember everything by looking back on photos. Every once in a while a baby album gets pulled out for grandchildren to see. Mom’s have bins of photos that they took, most of which are pointed at something completely random but somehow everyone remembers what they were doing when she took that picture of a lake, mountain, or giraffe. We laugh at the ridiculous Facebook profile pictures from 2006. Photos mean everything to people, whether we like it or not!

At first I thought, maybe it is too depressing to use this quote, as it can allude to sadness and loss, only to remember things by memory. But in actuality for us, it is a quote of true happiness and remembrance of any good time you’ve ever had! Life is made up of so many precious moments and how many of them do you get to keep forever with a photograph. It’s only human nature to be caught up in the moment of an engagement, wedding, new little one, or just loving your busy family, only to forget how important it is to preserve that moment. This is why we believe in having those speical moments photographed and preserved forever, then you don’t have to ever look back and wish, only smile at the beautiful photos you have. There is true importance in photographs and it is why we do what we do.

So, look for it on our webpage, but here it is for you to ponder. A new vision.