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Leanne & Cody — Edmonton Couple Photography

When dear friends of mine ask if they can get their pictures taken by us I always get so excited. It’s even better when its not specifically for an engagement, they just wanted their love to be remembered in pictures, DONE! These two couldn’t have been more lucky with the weather and they made it SO easy, it was clear they were super in love and not afraid to show it which makes for AMAZING photos.

It’s always super to see two people who love to have fun with each other (even when two camera’s are pointed at them) I couldn’t stop raving about their session to Leanne and how much we love these photos. But even more so, how cute a couple they are. Couples are the absolute favorite of ours because we renew our own love and fun each time we go out on a shoot. They reignite something wonderful and exciting inside you that makes you want to be a better couple and be super cute too! We owe many thanks to the many couples we interact with, you truly are our favorites and we love your engagements and weddings!

So here are the two cutest people I think I’ve ever seen and their super awesome couple session (when the ring comes, we’ll be waiting in the wings!)