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Eee vs. Bee Winner +Update!

Oh gee, it seems we’ve been slacking on our Eee vs. Bee. Winter isn’t the most thrilling to take photographs, but we do really appologize since we haven’t posted since… December!? (Yikes.) Well, without further adieu, our December (or was it January?) winner of our “Genie’s Magic Lamp” theme.


Photo #1

Eee! I believe that means I am once again in the lead. And with spring fast approaching I am hoping to refine my skills even more. Don’t forget to leave theme ideas for us! We love your feedback. And check out our Past Competitions, we’re going to update them from now on as best we can, promise!


As far as updates go, there are a few things on the horizon for Eee and Bee. Our wedding season has already started with beautiful Tara and Nigel (see their post below) and we are well underway to making this an incredible summer! Of course, we still have room for more weddings and are booking into 2013.


Some things we are going to start over this summer as far as projects go are:

Feature a vendor -interviews with local vendors we love!

Topic of the Week or Month! -helpful tips for brides and grooms or anyone really from Eee and Bee (but mostly Eee)

Fixing up our site, watch out for more changes!

Styled shoots, want to model? Have a wedding dress and want bridal portraits? Just interested! Send us a message and we’ll let you know what we need!

Any other fun ideas of things for us to do? Leave them in the comments or shoot us an email (or facebook message now!) We always love to hear from friends of Eee and Bee.


Speaking of Facebook, head on over (link at the top of the page) to see our new fancy Facebook page, let us know what you think and share us with your friends.

We are so looking forward to a fantastic summer of photography, stay tuned for our sample album which we are awaiting the arrival of. I’m sure we’ll just have to show it off, along with a post about why we love albums!

That’s all for now!


Tara & Nigel – Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Tara and Nigel’s wedding day has come and gone, but we’ve been staring at these pictures all week! Their wedding day was so incredible, beautiful, gorgeous, really every adjective in the book that means amazing can’t even begin to describe it. I may be biased because of my amazing love for Fort Edmonton Park (and the fact that I too wanted to have a wedding exactly like theirs) but I’m sure after you see some of the photos, you’ll agree!

Tara had it perfectly planned and the day was so relaxed, which is totally our style! They were so great and easy going and of course they were just fantastic models all day too. The day was a gorgeous plus 5 or 6, we were covered by the beautiful 1920′s buildings and empty streets of Fort Edmonton, and I, of course, was quietly brought to tears by the way they showed their love to one another all day long. From the moment we arrive at Tara’s parents the atmosphere was bubbly, excited, and everything weddings should be. We want to transfer their energy to every wedding we get to be a part of this year, it was fantastic!

From serene quiet to noisy carriage rides full of laughter and full of guests, to the quaint Clerks Quarters right in the Fort, their day was stunning and as Tara’s mother said “So them!” We are so happy for you Tara and Nigel! Your love truly showed beautifully all day long and we have no doubt in your everyday lives, now enough talk… here are some of our favorites.



Beautiful Hair and Makeup done by Illuminations Makeup

Dress from Bridal Debut – Sherwood Park

Dessert Table by Lindsey Wheatly, Love Inc.

Adrienne & Steve Engagement – Edmonton Wedding Photographers

By now you must realize how much we love couples! Everything about them is so fantastic and each couple is so different. I always feel so lucky when we get to photograph each and every one of them for their engagements.

Adrienne and Steve were no exception to our great love of couples, we especially love couples with fantastic smiles! From the moment we met these two we were all laughing, smiling, and having a great time. Adrienne and Steve have the most amazing smiles too, as Bee went through the pictures after their session all he could say was “Look at those smiles!” Almost every picture is of them having a blast and smiling as though it was their wedding day, I imagine they spend every day like this and it was beautiful to see a couple who can make each other laugh and smile with just a few words, we barely even had to help them out!

Adrienne and Steve got engaged in late August on Adrienne’s birthday. Steve was to pick Adrienne up for dinner after but was a little late. He made up for it by bringing home a fantastic cake from our friends at Whimsical Cakes shaped like a gift box. She didn’t expect a thing for her birthday and was a little nervous that Steve had something planned to jump out at her from inside the cake as a gift. Before they left for dinner Steve insisted she open her gift, the cake! Now she was really nervous that something was going to jump out at her from the top tier. As she opened the top  of the cake, there sat a beautiful ring and as we girls all know rings can only mean one thing, Adrienne was in shock and finally Steve asked her to marry him, she of course, caught her breath and said ‘yes.’

Adrienne and Steve are going to have a beautiful wedding at the University of Alberta in October, so we thought it would be fitting to do their engagement photos in an area they love to spend time in and will be getting married at. We can’t get enough of couples and their love, so here are Adrienne and Steve.