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Emily Megan — Sherwood Park Newborn Photographers

Our last shoot from 2011 was with a beautiful little newborn, Emily. I always love hanging out with brand new parents, this is Lisa and Chris’ newest addition to the family and their very first child and they were already parenting pros. Each set of new parents has their own tips and tricks that I can keep in my back pocket for later on and I hope my little ones love their daddy much like this little angel did.

Basking in the glow of a newborn is always a wonderful feeling, especially right after Christmas. Emily’s due date was actually Christmas day and I was to have a meeting with the mom to be a few days before hand, when I got a phone call from the dad-to-be that night saying they’re at the hospital and the meeting was unfortunately a no-go. Funny enough, that morning I woke up wondering if that exact thing would happen. So, instead of planning a session, they welcomed a healthy 7lb, 12 oz baby girl into their family, and just one day before the end of 2011 I got to meet her and now you can too…




What a gorgeous little family and a stunning Christmas present. Congrats Lisa and Chris, we wish you all the best with your adorable new little one in 2012 and beyond!



Wow, 2011 is over! We couldn’t help but do a blog post to sum up our amazing year. First of all, we must offer many thanks to our friends and family and amazing clients. Without anyone we would be no where near where we are today. So, thank you.

2011 offered us plenty of adventures in the photography world. We had the opportunity to shoot an amazing wedding and over 35 portrait sessions. For the longest time Bee and I have been so interested in photography, it was actually what brought us together and was what encompassed a series of our first dates. (Yes, we are pretty big photography nerds like that.) But we never envisioned going pro until 2011, when we were investing in so much gear for fun and couldn’t bare to take pictures of each other anymore (just kidding, we don’t mind it still) so we decided to start up our lovely little company.

This past year was full of meeting so many new people, held so much growth for us, and was filled by so many learning curves it was thrilling! We are looking forward to 2012 with great anticipation. It’s going to be such a great year. With the newest member of the camera family (our beautiful Canon 5d Mark ii bought today, insert giddy squeal… like I said, we are nerds.) we are ready to take on some more beautiful people. We wish you all many happy wishes in 2012 and we hope you keep reading with us! Enjoy our favorite portraits of 2011!




There you have our favorites from 2011, including the last little beauty which will be on the blog this week. Enjoy 2012 everyone!