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Yoga — Edmonton Portrait Photograpers

In mid October we did a lovely weekend photo shoot full of yoga. So much yoga in fact that Bee and I for about a week were striking yoga poses at one another in our home trying to see who could do them better. (We both need some practice, especially myself, so yoga is going to be our winter recreation adventure we’re thinking.)

This shoot was quite special though, as it wasn’t just a few people but a whole army of yogi’s. We were approached with this great fundraising idea by Eileen for a Yoga calender to be sold for profit with all proceeds going to iHuman. This was perfect timing too as we had just decided we need to find ways to give back to our community and within a few days, there was an email right on schedule for us to do just that.

As soon as I heard it was for iHuman I was very excited to jump at the chance to help out with Eileen’s idea. iHuman is a program that helps Edmonton youth at risk by providing arts programming to them, because Bee and I work so closely with youth and children, programs like this and YESS always hold a dear place in our hearts and we love to help them out. (And we love the arts, so giving that opportunity to youth is an even better addition to the mix!) If you want to check out more about iHuman, please visit their website. We are hoping to make a huge donation to them come January and everyone who was involved is very excited to support this great local cause.

The breakdown of this shoot was this: two days, over 100 of Edmonton’s finest yoga instructors and those who practice yoga, kids, adults, mothers and daughters, lovely ladies expecting, couples who love yoga, lots of laughs, hugs, and overall an amazing experience. We were so thrilled and inspired by all the people that practice together and even more in awe by all the poses they could do! Thank you to everyone who came out to be in our photos, pose away for us, and thank you for being so incredible. We look forward to joining you in your studios and classes as winter comes.

Here are some of our favorites from the weekend…









Many thanks to all those who love yoga. For more information about the upcoming calendar stay tuned. It will be sold at various locations around the city. We will have more information in the upcoming month and we are very excited to finish up this project.

(We can do yoga too! Thanks Eileen and Rejoice for such a great weekend!)



The Studio’s:

Lotus Soul Gym

Soul Strength

Yoga Life



Maeleen & Aaron Engaged — Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Maeleen and Aaron were such a treat. This gorgeous couple was such a breeze to photograph. We didn’t have to tell them twice to be totally and completely involved in each other, they just were. It was fantastic! They were so excited to get some Autumn photos done that Maeleen emailed us only a few days after being engaged! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as fall is slowly leaving us this was one of the last weekends with beautiful colours. A beautiful couple, beautiful light and colours, and beautiful weather, a photographers dream. We headed down to the U of A campus, a favorite spot of ours and made use of the lovely trees and gorgeous buildings.

We are so excited for you both, here are some of our favorite photos from the session…





















We’re so excited for your wedding next year in Rocky Mountain House. Congrats Maeleen and Aaron!

Shawn's 18 — Edmonton Portrait Photographers

It seems to be the trend that we are photographing all these grad’s and their families. Shawn is a great friend of mine and I cannot believe he is now 18 years old. We counted up the years and not getting to sentimental on you all, but we’ve known each other and been very good friends for about 8 of those 18 years! It’s great to have friends like that.

Elyse, someone I’ve known for a few years also, asked me to drive out to do this photo shoot for Shawn for his birthday as a surprise and I couldn’t have been more happy to do so! (And the surprise element made it so exciting.) So on the lovely Thanksgiving weekend, I headed out to Pigeon Lake, AB where Shawn and his family spend the weekend. It was a gorgeous fall day, Elyse hid me in the woods and the pictures tell the rest of the story…

This place was the epitome of Autumn, the colours were fantastic and there were so many leaves!



The premise of this shoot was somewhat similar to one we did together way back when in the cold wintertime when I asked Elyse and Shawn to be models for me as I practiced photographing people. They were a blast, so I was tickled to be able to do this again and give them the shoot they really deserved! (Plus they are amazing models and gorgeous people!)










We ended the day with a family shoot with the rest of Shawn’s wonderful family. They were all such great sports I figured a leaf fight was in order! Thank you Irelands and Elyse for the most beautiful day out at the lake. And to my Shawners, you will always hold a special and dramatic place in my heart. Thanks for being a great friend, happy 18th birthday. (Drinks are on me next time!)