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iPad and Updates

It’s true! We are the pleased owners of the iPad 2. First, some new though!

Our website portfolio is officially launched!! You may have noticed when you wandered over to this time it looks different and there aren’t a bunch of words screaming at you to switch RSS and change your bookmarks (Although we’d still love if you did that, just add the newest edition of our site to them as well!)

Bee has been a busy, well, bee all summer long! And it’s paid off. The new website will focus your attention more on who we are, what we do, why we love photos, show off our work and give you even more information about our packages and prices! (You should really head on over there and check it out!)

We are so excited to share this, as its been a 2-3 month process, lots of HTML for Bee, lots of learning, but ended up with something we are very proud of and can’t wait for you to show it off for us!

The other bit of new is about our pricing,

Along with our new website will be our new 2011/2012 prices. Do you know any brides who want to book with us, need a family session yourself, how about a maternity or baby shoot! Book before Oct 15th, 2011 for anything from August 29, 2011 to December 31, 2012 and receive our 2011 pricing listed in under pricing in our blog. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.


Spread the word about the new exciting things happening for us, we love when our clients share with their friends it makes us so happy to book new sessions and make new friends! Now, without further adieu, the Eee and Bee iPad un-boxing.

There you have it folks! I will now be bringing everything to you via the iPad and it is so much fun!

Janarthan's First Birthday — Edmonton Children Photographers

There’s nothing I love more in a party then beautiful people celebrating in their best sarees and suits, (I can’t even imagine how amazing an indian wedding is… hmm, one day!) lots of children running around and delicious food. We have an incredible love for naan and any sort of indian food. The Indian Grill was nothing but excellence for their buffet feast for Janarthan’s first birthday party, we’ll for sure be back there on our own!

The evening was spent celebrating this little ones birthday and he spent most of the evening a very happy camper. The decorations were great and the cake was beautiful and delicious! Everything made for such a good evening full of smiles for everyone even us. Each time Janarthan’s proud grandfather came up to us and thanked us for coming.

Birthday’s are always a lot of fun, so here are the favorites…








Food & Venue – Indian Grill

Cake — Teresa’s Cakes

Elizabeth — Edmonton Bridal Photography

Ever since we received our own Wedding pictures approximately a year ago, Eee has always been a little disappointed that she doesn’t have any shots of herself in her dress and wanted to tackle a ‘sort of’ trash the dress (or perhaps rock the dress is a better phrase) ¬†Well, when we decided to make the trip down to Kelowna to see one of her friends we thought to ourselves, “What could be a more beautiful place to take a few photos?” We also saw a gorgeous shoot similar to what Eee wanted by Russo Photography just before we headed out and that was that. We packed up the car and threw the dress in there too.

We were luckily directed to a beautiful park not far from where we stayed, full of willow trees, an apricot tree and some spectacular pathways and one of those awesome signs saying “Watch out: Bear spotted in area, be careful.”¬† Turns out that those signs aren’t just there scare you, we actually ran into the bear while we were shooting, luckily it ran off and we just moved to the other side of the park .

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the session.




Beautiful Willow trees that are so close to and hanging into the water, I wish we had something similar in Edmonton.







Of course Eee had to wear her swim suit underneath her dress








Eee’s tip: Doing this shoot with Bee was a lot of fun! And if something you’re even just thinking about doing, DO IT! I didn’t realize how much fun it would be and we didn’t have to get too dirty at all, my dress is still in wearable condition and dry clean-able.

Another handy tip: Wear your hair the way you feel most like you on your wedding day. My hair was all super fancy on ours and totally not something I would do on a regular basis, where as my hair for this shoot was relaxed from a day at the beach and how i would normally wear it anyway. I think it makes for much better pictures, just be you, you’ll love your photos that much more.