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Eee vs. Bee — July Winner

We excitedly remembered this evening that we could tally up our Eee vs Bee votes to see who the winner is. This months competition was about July 1st, it seems like somewhat of a Sherwood Park tradition to go down to Broadmoor Lake for all the action of Canada Day. Boy, was It was a beautiful day for all the fun! We’re not quite sure what the August competition will entail, but it’s coming up on Monday night! So stay tuned.


For now, here is the winning pictures from the July Canada Day competition..


Photo #2

Bee: I was born in Canada, and have been here 99.9% of my life (I have only left twice, once to Disney Land and once on a Basketball trip to Seattle)  I love the Canadian flag, I love seeing it waving in the sky, on peoples windows, stitched to peoples backpacks…everywhere.  It gives me such a sense of unity, and makes me proud to live in the World’s greatest country. I knew I had to find a few Canadian flags for this challenge.  As soon as we walked into Broadmoor Lake I spotted these flags and knew that was my picture.


And the gracious loser,


Photo #1

Eee: So this is what losing feels like… just kidding! It was a great match, and Canada Day sure was hard! So much red and white around, tons of kids I couldn’t figure out what to take a picture of. I saw this little girl sitting eating her ice cream and enjoying the festivities, but couldn’t quite get close enough to get the shot I really wanted. Something Brant and I both want to get better at is simply just asking, ‘can I take your picture?’ to people we find interesting (or to mom and dad in this case) But to me this is what Canada day was all about, little kids enjoying their treats, and watching the world go by!


We are really looking forward to this months competition, as we’re using film cameras! Tomorrow is our shooting day and hopefully getting everything developed! Stay tuned for the Thomson’s family shoot coming up this week too, then its off to Kelowna for a quickie vacation! We love the summer!


Don’t forget to leave comments for upcoming challenge ideas you may have. We love to hear what you think and we are going to need some indoor (or cold outdoor) ideas for winter!

Eee + Bee.. update

Summer is the best season for photography. Lots of sun, (well a few days of sun this year) beautiful green grass, and the hopes that winter will never come. We thought we’d share a little update about what’s going on with us! We are full swing into our second year of marriage (as we just celebrated our wedding anniversary) and on summer holidays, so we’ve had lots of time to spend together, planning, creating and talking about photography, which always seems to come up in our conversations over the past few weeks.

We’ve made some new decisions about our posts and things about our photography business which we’re excited to share! We’re working hard to make the best business we can and always produce beautiful photos that even we would love to hang on our walls! So that’s why from now on you’re going to see more photos in our blog posts and on our Facebook page. We really take pride in the photos we take, so there is going to be less montages and more photos, let us know what you think of our new posts and don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter. There is going to be a little change in the way blog posts are written too, as you may have noticed with Norma and Mike’s post, it’s not all in third person all the time (as it drives me up the wall!) because between Bee and I, (Eee) communications like facebook-ing, blogging, tweeting, emailing, phoning and all that front line stuff falls into my creative domain and I love it! So no more third person, just what I think and when Bee wants to comment I’m sure he’ll let me know.

We are continuing to do our Eee vs Bee as always. It’s very exciting to see the votes we’ve been getting and I hope you continue to check it out. It’s a fun way to keep the two of us doing personal projects and stretching our photographers eye and we love your opinion. Other things to look out for is putting our favorite pictures in our posts. It could be our own or each others, but we always have an “oooooh, I love that one” moment. We’d love to know what your favorites are too! (We love comments)

Some fun and exciting things we’re looking into is including slideshows, video, and special touches to our engagement shoots as well as some new lens’ coming our way so keep an eye out for that! (We’re thinking of putting our gear list up soon too.) Photography is such an incredible passion of ours that we love sharing with everyone and we are always trying to figure out ways to do more with our photos and cameras!

We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and we want to send out a thank you to all of our lovely clients, family, and friends who are supporting us. Photography is a very hard, but rewarding passion. We are always looking through photography books, magazines, portfolios for new and exciting ideas that we can add into our sessions and make our own. We are always trying to meet other photographers to network and just share things with one another. It’s simple, we love photography and we love each other, (our first dates involved “Eee and Bee photo adventures”, as we called them) Eee + Bee is the perfect way for us to connect with our camera’s and with each other. Thank you for your continued support everyone!

Do you like our updates? Let us know. We’re never sure if we should make our blog-site more website or blog! And we want/need your feedback. We want to update about our lives and our clients, if you want to see more of us by updates, other pictures we take on vacation, or just our personalities send us a comment on our Facebook, here on our posts or an email to let us know what you think!


Eee vs Bee.. July ending soon!

Welcome if you’ve never been here before and welcome back if you have! Don’t forget to head over to our Eee vs. Bee page as our friendly competitions are still going on.

The July competition is 5 days away from being done and we’re excited to tally up the votes (did you know we don’t even look at them until the competition is done? Bee simply puts them in a separate email folder and we look at them all at the end of the month, it makes the victory that much sweeter!)

But we do love when we see a vote come in, so please take the time to go over to our Eee vs Bee page and cast your vote!

Got any suggestions for next month or future competitions? (Winter we’ll need lots!) Leave us a comment here, on the Eee vs. Bee page, with your vote or head over to our Facebook page and leave us a suggestion there!