Monthly Archives: May 2011

Jasper & Eee vs. Bee

You may have noticed the thrillingly empty page called Eee vs. Bee. The wait is over! We have started our first challenge after our whirlwind trip to Jasper and the mountains for the May Long Weekend.

Last Friday afternoon our spontaneous photography trip to Jasper began, we made our way through the Icefield Parkway, down to the Saskatchewan Crossing, on to Banff, and then home.  We do not claim to be landscape photographers, but we tried our hardest.  Lets just say that Portrait Photography and Landscape are very, very different!

Here are a few of our shots!






Jessie&Tim — Edmonton Engagement Photography

Another exciting photo shoot was tossed our way this past Easter weekend. We were very lucky to go out with Jessie and Tim down to the University area to do their engagement pictures before their upcoming wedding in June.

They were a great pair to photograph, here are a few of our favorites.

Miranda&Joe — Edmonton Maternity Photography

We had the lovely opportunity to shoot our very first maternity photos! Thank you to Miranda and Joe who kindly let us into their home to follow them around for a few hours this past Friday to capture a bit of the end of Miranda’s Maternity. Baby Boy is on the way in less then 3 weeks and there wasn’t a more perfect time to capture some of her last moments in her first pregnancy. Here is a few glimpses of our fun day.

Their stunning dog, Keeva, spent the day with us as well. So well behaved!



She was a glowing mother to be. Good luck Miranda&Joe with all your last minute preparations.