Adventures in Iceland| Eee and Bee Europe Trip 2014

I figured since we are going back and it’s been so quiet on the blog, I should probably post this! It’s just  a small peek back at part of our amazing summer Europe trip from 2014. It seems so far away, but already we are on our way back to this amazing leg of our journey, Iceland. (Be still my heart, I love this place!)

We are of course NO landscape photographers, but Iceland sure makes it easy to get a good shot. However we were always bugging each other (well, me, I was always bugging the Bee) to stand in the shot we had some people to photograph.

So why did we go in the first place?
“Iceland? Why are you going to Iceland?” was pretty much everyone’s response when we told of the first stop on our European adventure. Truth be told it was also the most random choice. When deciding to fly IcelandAir we were drawn in by the allure of a stopover in Iceland. So it was decided that we would add this to our list and the more we read, the more our excitement grew to be in this wonderful place.

I won’t bore you with endless details, because nothing can really describe the beauty of travelling this country it seems. With a non-stop flight from Edmonton how could you not want to go there. The summer time in Iceland brings the most green landscape you will ever see, more sheep then you knew existed and if you are outdoor lovers like us, there are so many adventures to be had and places to be explored. We just scratched the surface with hidden hot pools, epic wind torn days, and quaint walks through a gorgeous town to find street art. Take a peek and don’t be afraid to plan yourself a trip. I hope to post more adventures from our Europe trip real soon, but for now, here’s Iceland.

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Swept – a boutique bridal experience | Edmonton Weddings


Swept bridal show is coming up, and the prettiest bridal show in town. It’s where all the beautiful Edmonton brides can come and spend a gorgeous day full of wedding inspiration from the finest vendors in Edmonton. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Swept team last year and again this year for their promo videos, and we have to say it is not an ordinary bridal show, it is so exquisite and pretty, and not to be missed!


swept3 swept2

Swept Bridal Promo Commercial from Eee and Bee Driedger on Vimeo.

Not convinced? Well, we hope to get you there with your lovely bride to be, a mom, a BFF or even your groom (there is a fabulous Groom Room all for him and where we spent most of our time last year!) That is why we are offering a giveaway to for two tickets to Swept on January 25th, 2015!

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Eee and Bee Photographers & Films by Eee 


Just say yes!

Photos courtesy of Erin Walker and Swept
Video by Films by Eee 

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Kimberly + Matthew | Edmonton Wedding Videography

As you now know, I’ve been not only just tinkering with videography, but took on 3 weddings this year all by myself. That’s right, no Bee by my side. It was the strangest thing, especially since wedding video is a whole different beast than photos. But even though I was all alone, I couldn’t be happier with this new side of the business. Weddings are such a beautiful and lovely thing that we get to be a part of as photographers, but I have always thought that videos are an equally beautiful way to capture memories that you can never have back again.

Kimberly and Matthew were absolutely the greatest couple to start on my wedding video journey with. Way back in the beginning of 2014, we met at the Swept Bridal Show and in passing it was mentioned they were hoping to have a videographer. Well, I sheepishly muttered “I’m new, but I could do it” and not a month later they welcomed me to their wedding team. And what a fantastic wedding team it was!

Vendors whose work I follow constantly I got to stand alongside and capture their gorgeous day. It was intimidating, nerve wracking, but terribly exciting all at once and Kimberly and Matthew, well they are just the kindest people to have my little old self there and so gracious for my work it gave me the biggest smile all day long and for many days after. Plus, their love was so full it made my heart so happy.

K & M Wedding Highlight Video from Eee and Bee Driedger on Vimeo.

So, your turn! Let me know what you think of their highlight video below!

Now offering all sorts of videography services for 2015! Are you looking for your own Edmonton Wedding Videographer? Please inquire by email at
Our brand new site with videos will be up and running shortly! But you can still find all our photo work at

Thanks to these awesome vendors for putting up with me that day:

Photo  | Jill Coursen Photography
Wedding Planner | Rebecca with High Culture: Weddings and Special Events Inc.
Hair + Makeup | Jenn Chivers
Flowers | FaBLOOMosity